In August 2014 Google officially announced that HTTPS is an SEO ranking signal. This means that HTTPS website with secure a valid SSL Certificate may be given a slight ranking preferences to non-HTTPS websites. Google has also indicated that as soon as webmasters have had some time to implement full site SSL they will strengthen the ranking signal value. Essentially Google wants all of the websites its visitors access through Google properties are safe and secure. Soon we will see HTTPS everywhere – even on websites that do not collect sensitive information. Is your website secure?

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) in its most basic explanation is the backbone of protecting sensitive information sent across the Internet. An SSL connection encrypts private information such as credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, addresses, etc as it travels between computers and the server.

What is HTTPS Everywhere?

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) defines how messages are formatted, transmitted and what actions occur between a visitor’s browser and the website’s server. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP once an SSL Certificate is installed. HTTPS ensures that all information passed between the browser and the server is encrypted and secure. HTTPS Everywhere means that each and every page on your website is secure and uses HTTPS.

Does your website need SSL Encryption?

SSL Certification is a rigorous process where a trusted third party verifies that you are true entity and shows that you secure customer data. Although there are time and money costs associated with SSL Security there are several benefits of a SSL Certificate that you should consider when deciding whether your website needs SSL:

  • Protect – Secures your visitor personal information such as credit card numbers and login.
  • Trust – Visual trust indicators such as green bar and lock up in the browser.
  • SEO – Google now includes HTTPS in its ranking signals; websites with HTTPS on all its pages get a small ranking boost now and are expected to get a bigger boost in the future.
  • Browser Compatibility – In the future, popular browsers like Chrome will give pop-up warnings for non-secure websites.
  • Engagement – Better SEO rankings will bring in more visitors who are more confident with using your website because of the SSL certificate.
  • Safeguard– Protect your brand against devastating data breaches and new threats.

Our HTTPS and SSL Certificate Services

Obtaining an SSL Certificate, verifying your certificate and installing it on your website can be a time consuming task and at times difficult or confusing, especially if you have a large or complicated website. If you aren’t feeling up for the task we offer several SSL services to help you make your website secure.

Need an SSL Security Certificate on Your Site?

In the next year or so we expect that most websites will move to HTTPS as Google continues to push towards secure browsing. Give us a call at 1-888-262-6687 to speak with our SSL Experts immediately or use the quote box below to get pricing for SSL on your website.

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