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We offer SEO consulting services in order to bring  a fresh perspective to any project and inject new life into your website’s visibility and traffic. Whether you’ve worked with SEO companies in the past that can’t seem to get your website to rank or have your own in-house SEO department that needs added expertise, our Abbotsford SEO consultants can help. 

Knowledge Is Power

The  knowledge our SEO consulting team can share with you will power your website and greatly improve your online presence and digital marketing strategy!

Professional SEO consulting services have been highly beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Independent authority sites like continue to recognize our SEO firm. We have worked with every type of business from start-ups to national multi-million dollar corporations that have their own SEO departments. We’ve even worked with other marketing companies in need of specialized SEO consulting advice for their own clients.

Our 1st on the List SEO consultants in Abbotsford, BC, Canada have mentored business owners and their staff for over 23 years across most industries in Canada and the United States. We can help you recognize exactly what your website needs are, and where best to spend your online marketing dollars to get the greatest return on investment (ROI).

We’ll help you understand how to spend your SEO budget in the most effective way and get the biggest return, whether it’s more traffic, more leads, or more sales!

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Can SEO Consulting Services Help Grow Your Business?

  • You’ve experienced unexplainable website traffic drops.

    Whether your traffic has dropped off overnight or has been on a steady decline for several months (or years), our SEO consulting team systematically reviews all of the possible causes – both obvious and not so obvious. Once the problem(s) is pinpointed, we create an actionable SEO strategy to correct the issues and help put your traffic back on the right trajectory. Our Abbotsford SEO firm can also set up checkpoints to help ensure problems like these do not occur again in the future.

  • You are preparing to launch a new website.

    Don’t launch your newly redesigned website without first protecting your accumulated Search Engine history, any rankings you have earned, and your current stream of organic traffic to your website. Part of our SEO consulting services is to work with your web design firm and marketing department to anticipate and address all the small details of your website that have a big impact on SEO. In our opinion and experience, it’s better to catch these small issues before the website launches and any hard-to-repair damage is done to your organic rankings and traffic.

  • You are pursuing International SEO initiatives.

    Taking your website to new markets and regions can be tricky, especially going international. SEO consulting services can help you develop a cohesive strategy for difficult to tackle topics like site localization, multi languages, country-specific search engines, and international website architecture. For big brands it’s important to get this right as so much infrastructure and investment goes into your digital assets and footprint.

  • You think you have a Google Penalty.

    Did you know that Google has general guidelines to help them find, index, and rank your web pages? When you fail to comply to these search engine best practices you risk your site being removed entirely from Google or experience some level of algorithmic or manual spam action. Our SEO Consultants can help identify if this is the case, aid in correcting the issue, and submit an appeal to Google to re-evaluate your website based on your cleanup efforts.

  • Your SEO content strategy is lackluster.

    Creating a content strategy based on sound keyword research that caters to both the Search Engines and your visitors can be tricky. It is so much more than injecting a few keywords into text. It’s about creating engaging text that builds brand awareness, gets shared on social platforms, and ultimately, elicits a response from the readers that drives ROI.

  • You are planning a website migration.

    If you are preparing to change your domain or migrate several domains into one, it is extremely important to proceed with caution. If redirects are not properly set up you risk losing existing credibility and Page Rank that your website(s) may be enjoying. Our SEO consulting services can help you send the right signals to the Search Engines to help them understand exactly where your brand and company is moving to. In what we’ve experienced, it is much easier and more efficient to migrate the site properly (and worth every penny) than to try to recover from a poor migration that results in losing 60 – 90% of traffic and rankings.

Types of SEO Consulting Services

SEO Website Audits

An SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of your website and the areas most in need of attention for immediate as well as long term visibility improvements. What sets our SEO consulting services apart is the ability of our consultants to identify key site issues, prioritize recommendations, and offer actionable solutions for implementing them successfully!

SEO Strategy Development

Perhaps you know where you want to be but aren’t quite sure of all the steps needed to get there. Work with our SEO Consulting team to outline a proper SEO strategy. One that will work and give you a clear roadmap to follow for attaining online success, whether its local SEO consulting or corporate SEO consulting you need.

Website Design Guidance

You want to ensure that moving to a new website design is a positive experience. From ecommerce and WordPress consulting to website design consulting, we can provide a 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th set of eyes to help your developer make sure that all page credit you’ve built up with Google is now properly transferred from your old site to the new site, without negatively affecting traffic or rankings.

Implementation Guidelines

Your SEO consultant will suggest the best way to implement specific SEO Best Practices on your site and provide guidelines for your developers, plus follow up with a “QA Review” of the work completed to ensure everything is properly in place.

Keyword Research

Part of our SEO consulting services is to ensure your writers understand how people search. You need to know what the most searched keyword phrases are pertaining to any product or service you may offer, plus all the relevant or semantic phrases surrounding and supporting those topics. Keyword research is integral to your online success.

Content Optimization

Have our SEO consultants train your copywriters and bloggers to “SEO” their content as they go, in order to shape their content around what people are actually searching for. Content optimization will help increase the visibility of their work. Our Abbotsford SEO firm can also help with PPC and ad re-targeting.

Backlink Audit

Is Google penalizing your website for old, unnatural backlinks? Let our SEO firm determine how natural your backlink profile is and then identify and remove the most toxic backlinks that Google is likely automatically or manually penalizing your site for.

Advanced SEO Implementation

Perhaps the scope of SEO work required to take your website and SEO to the next level is outside the skill or knowledge of your in-house SEO staff. 1st on the List SEO consulting services can assist you with SEO, SSL Anywhere, Site Speed Optimization, URL Renaming, Schema Markup, and much, much more.

Web Analytics & Conversion Consulting

Understand what your Google analytics traffic stats really mean. Analytics consulting can help identify ways to improve customer interaction with your website, improving conversions while boosting leads and sales.

SEO Friendly Recommendations

Get help deciding on the most “Search Friendly” options when it comes to your website, servers, hosting, domain name, platform, CMS system, E-Commerce Platforms, and more. Your website must be absolutely user-friendly, especially on mobile devices.

Reputation Management

Let our SEO firm help  you manage, protect, and naturally build a positive online brand reputation. SEO consulting services include helping you to attract positive customer reviews in the search engines and in third party websites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook.

Quality Assurance

Like many of our clients, you may want to keep our 1st on the List SEO consultants on retainer and ensure they are available at any time to check your work and/or as you implement big changes on your website.


What Clients Say About Our SEO Consultants

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“Years of working hand in hand with a specialized team where they are always updating and redesigning our website to ensure it has the latest SEO and Web maintenance improvements, widgets and more. The 1st on the List staff are all quite friendly, professional and service oriented. They know what they are doing! It is a pleasure to work with such a great team and their [SEO consulting] services are both cost-effective and outstanding!”

Sandra Diaz
Social Media Manager, Riviera Nayarit Visitors & Convention Bureau

SEO Consulting Frequently Asked Questions

What does a SEO consultant do?

Our SEO Consultants will work with all of your key stakeholders (developers, web designers, marketers, management) to make sure that your website is as Search Friendly as possible. This includes website audits, SEO strategy development, design and SEO implementation guidance, content optimization, conversion consulting, quality assurance and more.

Who should hire a SEO consultant?

Essentially, any company needing a greater depth of SEO knowledge than it possesses in house. Weve even provided SEO Consulting for companies with their own SEO departments! Our SEO Consultants can help with difficult website migrations, unexplained traffic drops, Google penalties, international SEO, technical SEO, and advanced content strategies, among other specialty areas.

How much does it cost to hire an SEO consultant?

Depending on your needs, you can hire our SEO consultants on an hourly or project basis. Our SEO consulting rates start at $150/hour per consultant and are generally more cost effective when purchased on a per-project basis.

What can I expect from a SEO consultant?

Our SEO consultants are friendly and professional. You can expect us to be current on emerging SEO trends and best practices. We can provide a quick turnaround and offer multiple solutions to a single problem. We are experienced in presenting data, processes, and strategies to various stakeholders within a company and can speak as plainly or technical as needed.

Importance of Working with Experienced SEO Consultants

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“We’ve worked on hundreds, if not thousands, of client websites and with all of that experience comes a deep understanding of how search engines operate and how to communicate it in simple, easy-to-understand terms. ‘Understanding’ SEO and actually being an SEO Consultant are very different levels of knowledge and abilities. Many SEO experts are able to manage small scale campaigns, but only the most experienced consultants have the capability to effectively communicate with developers, programmers, designers, and copywriters to help achieve the deliverables for the client.”

Keiran Griffiths
President & Managing Director, 1st on the List

  • Site Structure

  • Core Web Vitals

  • UX Enhancements

  • Link Acquisition Strategy

  • Keyword Research

  • Blog Content Strategy

  • Technical Audits

  • Page Experience Optimization

  • User Engagement Enhancements

Award Winning SEO Consultants

The level of professional SEO consulting services we offer has helped us to become one of the Top SEO companies in North America. We bring a level of expertise that only a company with 24+ years of SEO consulting experience can offer.

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