Whether you’ve worked with SEO companies in the past that can’t seem to get your website to rank or have your own in-house SEO department that needs added expertise, 1st on the List’s SEO consulting services can bring a fresh perspective to any project and inject new life into your website’s visibility and traffic.

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1st on the List SEO consultants in Vancouver, BC, Canada has been mentoring businesses owners and their staff for over 17 years across most industries in Canada and the United States. We can help you recognize exactly what your website needs are, and where best to spend your online marketing dollars to get the greatest return on investment (ROI).

Why Use an SEO Consultant?

Search engine optimization consulting can be utilized by businesses of all sizes from start-ups to national multi-million dollar corporations with their own SEO departments. 1st on the List also works with marketing companies who have clients in need of specialized SEO services. There are a number of common reasons why people seek the help of our SEO consulting experts:

  • Unexplainable website traffic drops
  • Preparations for launching a new website design
  • Google Penalties and Quality Guideline adherence
  • Website migration
  • Keyword research and SEO Content strategies
  • International SEO services
  • Mobile website consulting services
  • Advanced SEO Techniques

SEO Consulting Services

SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of your website and the areas most in need of attention for immediate as well as long term visibility improvements. What sets us apart is the ability of our SEO consultants to identify site issues, prioritize recommendations, and offer actionable solutions for implementing them successfully!

Your SEO consultant will suggest the best way to implement specific SEO Best Practices on your site and provide guidelines for your developers, plus follow up with a “QA Review” of the work completed to ensure everything is properly in place.

You want to ensure that moving to a new website design is a positive experience. From ecommerce and WordPress consulting to website design consulting, we can provide a second, third and even fourth set of eyes to help your developer make sure that all page credit you’ve built up with Google is now properly transferred from your old site to new site without negatively affecting traffic or rankings.

Our SEO consultants will ensure your writers understand how people search, what the most searched keyword phrases are pertaining to any product or service you may offer, plus all the relevant or semantic phrases surrounding and supporting those topics. Keyword research is integral to your online success.

Have our SEO consultants train your copywriters and bloggers to “SEO” their content as they go, in order to shape their content around what people are actually searching for. Content optimization will help increase the visibility of their work.

Is Google penalizing your website for old, unnatural backlinks? Determine how natural your backlink profile is then identify and remove the most toxic backlinks that Google is likely automatically or manually penalizing your site for.

Perhaps the scope of SEO work required to take your website and SEO to the next level is outside the skill or knowledge of your in-house SEO staff. 1st on the List SEO consultants can help with SEO, SSL Anywhere, Site Speed Optimization, URL Renaming, Schema Markup, and much, much more.

Perhaps you know where you want to be but aren’t quite sure of all the steps needed to get there. Work with our SEO Consultants to outline a proper SEO strategy that will work and give you a clear roadmap to follow for attaining online success whether its local SEO consulting or corporate SEO consulting you need.

Understand what your Google analytics traffic stats really mean. Analytics consulting can help identify ways to improve customer interaction with your website, improving conversions while boosting leads and sales.

Learn how to manage, protect, and naturally build a positive online brand reputation. Get help attracting customer reviews in the search engines and in third party websites like Yelp and Google+.

Get help deciding on the most “Search Friendly” options when it comes to your website, servers, hosting, domain name, platform, CMS system, E-Commerce Platforms, and more.

Like many of our clients, you may want to keep our 1st on the List SEO consultants on retainer and ensure they are available at any time to check your work and/or as you implement big changes on your website.

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