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Social Media and SEO – the average person now spends 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms! Let’s tap into this captive and repeat audience to achieve increased brand recognition, higher conversion rates, increased inbound traffic and more!

Let’s Get Social to Grow Your Business Together

  • Social Media Marketing

    With the goal of brand loyalty and engagement, the purpose of Social Media Marketing is to keep your existing customers and followers updated with everything about your business while showcasing your brand and reminding them how you can help simplify their lives and meet their needs.

  • Social Media Advertising

    With the purpose of lead generation and attracting new customers, Social Media Advertising is all about creating campaigns that reach new members within your target market and provide meaningful messaging that helps acquaint them with your brand and offerings.

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Benefits of Social Media & SEO
Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Increased Brand Recognition

    Social media can help you get noticed whether it is at events, other platforms, or your location/s, which will offer a more inviting feeling to your current & potential customers.

  • Increased Inbound Traffic

    Social media posts can be used to drive targeted traffic whether it is to your social media platforms or back to your website.

  • More Opportunities to Convert

    Using social media for business allows you to see what your customers are looking for so you are able to tailor your posts and advertise to specific demographics & locations.

  • Better Search Engine Rankings & Higher Brand Authority

    Is it true that Social Media Affects SEO?  The more useful information about your company that you can provide to the world the more Search Engines will use your content to provide to the users.

  • Improved Brand Loyalty

    A potential customer looking for your services is more likely to seek out your company because they recognize your brand.  When seeing a company multiple times it gives the customer a sense of trust.

  • Higher Conversion Rates

    Businesses retain 70% of their customers through Facebook. You will also find customers that you didn’t know existed.

  • Decreased Marketing Costs

    Social Media ads have a substantially lower cost to run.  You are also able to target a specific demographic and locations, as well as engage in ad retargeting.

  • Improved Customer Insights

    Social Media will lead to real relationship building. Also if there is a problem with your product or service, you want to know about it right away so you can respond to problems immediately.


6 Stages to Achieve Your Social Media Marketing Goals

  • Discovery and Strategy Planning

    We start with a phone call between you and your dedicated Social Media Manager so that we can better understand your brand and the type of messaging you want to send to your social followers.

  • Access and Audit Social Platforms

    We will ask for administrative access to each applicable social platform in your plan and make sure that it is properly set up, optimized, and branded. We will then suggest edits and activate the recommended changes once approved.

  • Content Strategy Planning

    Based on the discovery process and audit we will start to plan engaging content to publish each week. You will be given each piece of content in advance in order to approve or request edits.

  • Launch Campaign

    We begin to post and promote engaging content to selected social profiles based on your plan. If selected in your plan, we also launch your Review Package which includes sending surveys to clients in order to generate new online reviews on Facebook and Google.

  • Analyze, Refine and Optimize

    Once posts go live, we analyze engagement data to see what resonates with your followers and what we should continue to build on.

  • Ongoing Feedback and Reports

    Your Social Media Manager will be in close contact with you on what is being posted and presenting and/or fielding your new ideas for Social Media. You will also get a report on posts and engagement at the end of each month.

How We Help Integrate Social Media and SEO

Although the objectives of social media and SEO are quite different, together they can help you grow your online business faster. Social media helps to grow your community and strengthen user engagement by building relationships and connecting different social media platforms. Search engine optimization helps to build your site authority and brand awareness so you can get better rankings, more targeted traffic, and more conversions. To learn more about how to integrate social media and SEO, call us at 1-888-262-6687.

Aligning Social Media and SEO - Target Same Keywords

By understanding what is driving your social media traffic and what is driving your SEO traffic, we can pinpoint the specific shared keyword phrases your visitors are using to find your brand or website. We also find it very beneficial when Social Media strategies are shared with your SEO team (and vice versa) so that everyone is supporting and strengthening each other’s efforts.

Integrating Social Media Across Your Website

Social media provides the tools you need to encourage sharing and user engagement and these can be set up as part of your site architecture, especially during a website design phase. To further improve your SEO efforts, we suggest adding social media signals and sharing buttons on your homepage, internal pages, blog posts, newsletters, and all social media profiles.

Leveraging Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to add good relevant content that might not otherwise fit within your website pages. Regular blogging also allows you to comment on whatever is trending and provides great opportunities for improving your link building. Strong, unique blogging content helps to drive ROI on both social media and SEO. It also strengthens your reach and rankings, as well as the level of user engagement.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What does social media marketing do?

Social media marketing uses social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to market your products and services. This includes engaging with customers, reaching new customers, listening to customer feedback, and creating content that resonates with your target market.

Which social media is best?

The best social media platform depends on your target market, strategy and goals. Each platform has its own demographic and level of targeting, as well as objective of its users. Let us help develop your strategy and then choose the appropriate platform(s) to match your needs and budget.

What is the role of social media marketing?

The role of social media marketing is connection and communication. Whether you are reaching existing or new customers, social media gives businesses the potential to engage with people in a personal way. Social media can spread your message, create brand engagement, promote sales and events, generate feedback, and more. Ultimately, the goal of social media marketing is usually to build your brand, increase sales, drive website traffic, and collect market insights.

What companies need social media marketing?

All companies need a social media presence. The level of social media marketing you choose will depend on the depth of brand building, target market and demographics, and resources you have available for managing your social media marketing campaign.

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There are many reasons to build your social presence: strengthen your online community, grow your brand, improve site authority, and even strengthen user engagement on your website. Social Media and SEO can have a massive impact when used in combination!


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