Social Media and SEO Integration

Grow brand awareness and traffic through an engaged community.

Let’s Get Social to Grow Your Business

Although the objectives of social media and SEO are quite different, together they can help you grow your online business faster. Social media helps to grow your community and strengthen user engagement by building relationships and connecting different social media platforms. Search engine optimization helps to build your site authority and brand awareness so you can get better rankings, more targeted traffic, and more conversions.

Social Media Benefits

Social signals are included in the criteria used by search engine algorithms. With social signals, you have some control over your online success. You can use your social signals to inform the search engines that your online consumers:

  • Share your content and value your website
  • Are aware of and trust your brand
  • Are loyal and actively engaged
  • Help develop your backlink profile
  • Help to improve your website’s influence
  • Help to improve your domain authority
  • Help to grow your online business

It does take some time to grow your audience and develop a good social media strategy but the end result can be well worth it. That said, when social media and SEO are working together, it helps to speed up the process. Social media strategies will also work well with Local SEO efforts.

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Integrating SEO Into Social Media Marketing

Consumers who use social media do so to follow their interests and hobbies. You can improve user engagement by developing content that not only interests your consumers, but also is worth sharing.

1st on the List can help support your social media and SEO efforts so that they reinforce each other and maximize your brand exposure. The key factors we look for in social media and SEO integration include:

  • Aligning shared keywords
  • Integrating social signals across your website
  • Leveraging blog posts

Aligning Social Media & SEO to Target the Same Keywords

By understanding what is driving your social media traffic and what is driving your SEO traffic, we can pinpoint the specific shared keyword phrases your visitors are using to find your brand or website.

We also find it very beneficial when Social Media strategies are shared with your SEO team (and vice versa) so that everyone is supporting and strengthening each other’s efforts.

Integrating Social Media Across Your Website

Social media provides the tools you need to encourage sharing and user engagement and these can be set up as part of your site architecture, especially during a website design phase. To further improve your SEO efforts, we suggest adding social media signals and sharing buttons on the following:

  • Your homepage
  • Your page template (sidebars)
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Across all your social media profiles

Leveraging Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to add good relevant content that might not otherwise fit within your website pages. Regular blogging also allows you to comment on whatever is trending and provides great opportunities for improving your link building.

Strong, unique blogging content helps to drive ROI on both social media and SEO. It also strengthens your reach and rankings, as well as the level of user engagement.

About 1st on the List

Our core staff here at 1st on the List has on average, over 19+ years of experience doing search engine optimization and building search engine friendly WordPress Websites. Since our early beginnings in 1997, we have helped United States and Canadian business owners succeed online. As recognition for helping client websites earn top rankings, TOP SEOs (an Independent Authority on Search Vendors) continues to award us for “BEST IN SEARCH!” We are proud to be one of North America’s Top SEO companies.

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Let’s Get Social and Grow Your Business Together

There are many reasons to build your social presence: strengthen your online community, grow your brand, improve site authority, and even strengthen user engagement on your website. Social Media and SEO can have a massive impact when used in combination!

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