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Why do we offer custom SEO services? With over 300 ranking factors and 3,234 Google algorithm updates in 2018 alone, it can be tough knowing what to focus on and  how to keep up. Not every strategy will have lasting power, provide maximum benefit, or boost your ROI. Our custom SEO Services are structured to meet the exact requirements of your website, market, competition, and goals.

Custom SEO Can Take Your Website from an Expense to a Revenue Generator!

What can more leads and sales do for your business?

As we help “SEO” your website it will become more relevant to what the Search Engines need and to what potential customers expect to find on your website. This means better rankings and visibility, more traffic and a better user experience on your website. Ultimately, it also means more leads and sales. Find out how our custom SEO services can help you. Call our Abbotsford SEO company Toll Free at 1-888-262-6687.

Custom SEO is likely what you need if:

  • You target customers regionally, nationally, or internationally.
  • You have plans to expand your target market(s).
  • You are in a competitive industry.
  • Your competitors employ advanced SEO strategies.
  • You have a large website with 50+ pages.
  • You run E-commerce on your website.
  • You have done SEO in the past with less-than-desirable results.

Our Proven Custom SEO Process:
5 Stages to Achieve Your Goals

  • Orientation and Goal Setting

    First, our Abbotsford SEO company will get to know the ins and outs of your company, your current website, digital footprint, and competitors. With access to analytics systems, we define your website goals. Next, we collect benchmark data on the current state of your website so that we can accurately measure results in the future.

  • Deep Dive Analysis

    We spend time sifting through all the elements of your website and digital assets that are influencing your search visibility, as well as visitor experience. Our custsom SEO services are designed to uncover your site’s strengths and weaknesses. Our services include a Technical Site Audit, Keyword Research, Content Review, and so much more.

  • Strategy Development

    Based on our website analysis findings and scope of work outlined in your Custom SEO Plan, we create a strategy to achieve your goals. This strategy takes a prioritized approach in focusing on fixing the most important and highest impact elements first. In this way, our SEO firm helps clients to start seeing results as soon as possible.

  • Custom SEO Implementation and Ongoing Optimization

    Now we get to work in executing your custom SEO strategy. This includes optimizing your website’s source code, content, architecture, internal linking, keyword integration, navigation, and so much more. With Search Engines always updating their algorithms and your competitors moving forward, there is always something to be working on to improve your website and online exposure.

  • Reporting, Analysis, and Ongoing Communication

    Our SEO team is in close communication with you throughout the entire process. Once the initial SEO Implementation is completed, you will receive a formal report each month. This report will let you know of our progress in terms of what aspects of the custom SEO services has been completed. It will also show what the results were (traffic, conversions, new leads, etc.). We use these reports internally to keep fine tuning the custom SEO strategy and making sure you are on track to achieving your website goals.

Start a Custom SEO Plan That Actually Gets Results

What Custom SEO Services Include

Our custom search engine optimizastion services are 100% unique to each client. That said, there are key elements or strategies that are almost always included in each Custom SEO Campaign. The depth and execution of each element may vary but the concepts stay the same. The goal of “SEO” is to make your website more relevant both to the Search Engines and to your visitors. In this way, our SEO firm can help you meet your goals for better rankings and visibility, more traffic, and ultimately more leads and sales.

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  • SEO Technical Audits

    Just like a home renovation, you don’t really know what you’re up against until you look behind the walls. Our SEO Technical Audits uncover website deficiencies and the reasons why your site may not be ranking as well as your competitor sites. Our website audits produce prioritized lists to help you understand the most important website fixes that need to be made first. Catching the “low hanging fruit” so to speak, will help you to start getting the rankings you deserve sooner. Most times our SEO firm can find and resolve issues other SEO companies fail to see. This is what we’re famous for!

  • Keyword Research

    Search Engines and visitors find you by searching for “keywords” or phrases found on your website. These keywords (backed by great supporting content) help them to understand exactly what you do and what you have to offer. Our SEO firm conducts in-depth Keyword Research to uncover all the relevant phrases customers are using to find your type of products and services. You will know how many people search for each term (search volume) and how many other websites are ranking for that keyword term (competition). Once incorporated into your website’s Content Strategy, these targeted keyword terms ensure that your web pages are found for what matters most. This targeted keyword strategy will help you attract higher levels of qualified visitor traffic.

    Keyword Research

  • Content Optimization

    Custom SEO services also involves content creation. Once the research phases are completed we jump right in! Your type of website and existing content will determine our overall strategy. Generally, we ensure your keywords are used properly throughout the website and help develop new content to support the terms you want to be found for. The goal is to build your credibility and consistency, and improve your visitor experience and conversion rates. By having all the information visitors are looking for on your website, you can attract more leads and sales. This will ultimately earn a positive return on your SEO investment.

  • What the rest of the Internet says about your brand is almost as important as what your website says in the grand scheme of things. As part of our custom SEO services we also help with “off site optimization.” This involves building your brand through social media, reviews, citations, and other link acquisition strategies.

  • Web Analytics and Reports

    Accountable search engine optimization! Web Analytics help you understand what you get in return for what you spend on your website. It also helps you understand what motivates your visitors. You learn how to improve your website even more. We provide sophisticated website analytics implementation to understand where searchers are coming from and who is buying on your website. We’ll set up custom metrics and goal tracking and provide training and support. You will receive meaningful reports that anyone can understand. In the end everyone benefits.

  • Growth Optimization Strategies

    Your business is always evolving, your competitors are always pushing a little harder, and the Search Engines are always tweaking their algorithms. These are three solid reasons why we employ ongoing custom SEO servicres on your website. SEO is a cumulative result of all the small changes you make on your website. For most websites, there are countless ways to become more SEO Friendly and to go after more market share. Our clients who make SEO a priority in their ongoing marketing budget see solid, long term growth in their business.

    Growth Optimization Strategies

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your custom SEO services different?

There's no one-size-fits-all approach with us - which means you do not pay for services that will not maximize your SEO results! We have learned and tested the best SEO strategies over the last 25+ years. We've seen how they work on different websites and in different markets. This means we know what will most likely work for you! We only use the latest, most sophisticated, spam-free SEO techniques based on SEO industry accepted standards and a strict code of ethics.

How much does custom SEO cost?

What a loaded question! It's like asking how much a car costs. Our customized approach to SEO allows us to cater each campaign to your specific situation, goals, and budget. Our 25+ years of experience means we can properly assess your current state and provide the most cost effective way to help you reach your goals. Our custom SEO campaigns start at $2,000/month. If you are interested we will gladly provide a breakdown of your SEO marketing costs after learning more about your website, business, and goals.

How do you measure SEO performance?

Rankings are only one small aspect of a website's success. Our SEO firm truly believes that the more important metrics that you and the higher-ups should really care about are increasing qualified traffic, increasing website conversions (contacts, calls, purchases, etc.) and ultimately, increasing ROI. When your SEO campaign is delivering a higher return than what you put into it, you may have reached your goal. However, the next step is to continue to find ways to increase this return. We also determine the success of custom seo services based on what you specifically want to get out of your campaign for the long haul.

Do you offer guarantees?

We do not offer guarantees as these are almost always misleading and give a false sense of security. Furthermore, Google warns against any SEO company offering guarantees. We do offer a full range of custom SEO services and personalized consultation from experienced SEO experts. Our SEO marketing strategies are directed towards your specific needs to ensure the best chances for continued success.


What Clients Have to Say About Our Consultants

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Significant Increase in Business

Website Design & Custom SEO Services

“We recently started our SEO campaign with 1st on the List in December and already we have noticed from last June to this June a significant increase in business so this is good news!! Usually, we have a decrease in the % of sales when the weather is warmer however now we have had a dramatic increase! So not only have we had an increase but it’s happening when typically sales are down! Big deal on our end. There was a 19% increase in sales in May 2018 compared to May 2017 and better yet, we had a solid 26% increase in sales in June 2018 compared to June 2017.”

– Janiece Wiens, Manager
Urban Body Laser

(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Client Since 2018

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Friendly, Professional, Service Oriented

Website Design & Custom SEO Services

“Years of working hand in hand with a specialized team where they are always updating and redesigning our website to ensure it has the latest SEO and Web maintenance improvements, widgets and more. The 1st on the List staff are all quite friendly, professional and service oriented. They know what they are doing! It is a pleasure to work with such a great team and their [SEO] services are both cost-effective and outstanding!”

– Sandra Diaz, Social Media Manager
Riviera Nayarit Visitors & Convention Bureau

(Riviera Nayarit, Mexico)

Client Since 2011

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Results Speak For Themselves

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“Our overall experience has been very positive and 1st on the List has been very good at keeping us informed of the latest trends/changes in the SEO industry. The results speak for themselves…the number of daily hits we get has DOUBLED and we have achieved and maintained good positioning with different search engines! 1st on the List has been very proactive in working with us to redirect our effects and even though they are not a small company, they come across as one with their down-to-earth, personable interaction…in other words, they seem to be as concerned with our business as we are!”

– Terry Page, President
Artful Dragon Press

(Sammamish, Washington)

Client Since 1999

Award Winning SEO

Custom SEO Services are always the perfect fit for companies serious about doing SEO right. This ensures the right sized SEO Campaign specs needed to actually meet your goals.

For more than two decades (since 1997), 1st on the List has consistently remained one of the Top SEO companies in North America. We are good at helping websites attain first page rankings because we are good at helping the search engines find, understand, and rank your website above the competition.

Our custom SEO services can also be integrated into Ecommerce websites and WordPress website design.

More visibility, more qualified traffic, more leads, and more conversions and sales…we put you ahead of the competition and in front of your customers!

Call our Abbotsford SEO firm Toll Free at 1-888-262-6687 to learn more about our custom SEO services!

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