Grow Visits and Website Conversions with a Solid SEO Content Strategy

You need an effective Website Content Strategy in order to help guide and direct your efforts towards achieving your online goals. Why not put our experienced team to work and make every single word on your website count?

Differentiate Your Brand with a Clear Content Strategy

“Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s not a matter of being better at what you do – it’s a matter of being different at what you do.” (Michael Porter)

Your website is just one among millions publishing new content and blogs each day.

In order to stand out and achieve actual results you need a solid SEO content strategy to motivate everything you do.

Our SEO Strategists can help formulate a winning Website Content Strategy that corresponds to your exact online marketing goals. Whether you have us implement the entire strategy or ask us to help keep you on track as you manage the implementation, we are eager to step up to the plate and go to bat for you.

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Elements of a Powerful Website Content Strategy

  • Clearly Define Overall Marketing and SEO Goals

    Before diving into your website content we must first understand your goals. What customer groups do you want to attract? What markets and locations do you want to see growth in? What metrics define successful growth? The list goes on but as we better understand your goals we can create a website content strategy directed at bringing you closer to measuring and achieving each goal.

  • Identify Content Gaps and Opportunities

    It often takes a set of fresh eyes to evaluate all of your website content for major holes and missing topics your websites visitors may be searching for. Additional research strategies such as competitor analysis, keyword research, and traffic examination can identify key areas for focus and growth. Here we look for the low hanging fruit – where can you add valuable visitor content with high search volume and with low difficulty or effort?

  • Use Accurate Keyword Research as Your Foundation

    Keyword research plays a critical role in the success of your website content strategy when it comes to rankings and traffic. Your SEO and content creation needs to reflect what your customers are actually searching for. Keyword research goes beyond just knowing the top five or ten keywords people type into Google to find you. It’s about gaining a deeper understanding of how people talk about your products and what types of questions they have. What are their motivations behind needing your services? What additional needs do they possess that may expand your value-add and service offerings?

  • Capitalize on Linkability and Internal Linking

    Did you know that website content and backlinks take two of the top three ranking factors? Together, the two can drive your SEO.  A good website content strategy will always have linkability and popularity at top of mind. Will others want to link to the content? Will others want to share the content on social platforms? What new types of content could be popular and provide new links? How can the content be linked within your website to guide visitors towards a conversion and pass page equity to other areas in your website?

  • Regular Content Updates and Maintenance

    Once you’ve published your content there is no time to sit back on autopilot. Your content requires frequent maintenance. It may require updating pages for current statistics and trends, adding new information as it becomes available, or revisiting keyword integration as search behaviors change. Even adjusting the optimization on the page to reflect Google’s constantly changing search algorithms may be necessary. Powerful content that performs takes time, effort, and ongoing attention.

Take Your SEO Content Strategy to the Next Level

Integrating Your Website Content Strategy with All Areas of Marketing

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“In the past, SEO, PPC, and Social Media content strategies operated separately and independent of one another. There is now a growing trend towards unification, where information is shared (such as Top Ranking SEO keywords). When different departments have a conscious knowledge of what other departments are doing the company can better leverage their marketing efforts to obtain improved common objectives.”

Tony Hutchcroft, Senior SEO Content Strategist

Social Media

Social Media content strategists work hard to create shareable and interactive content to share throughout social platforms. There are many ways your social team can benefit from what is happening on a website/SEO level. We’ll help connect your Social and SEO teams to gain momentum, save time, and integrate content schedules.

Paid Search

When SEO and SEM departments work together there are much greater synergies and wins to be gained. In particular, sharing keywords for double first page ranking exposure can increase your click-through-rates! Let our experts show your PPC team how to understand your Website Content Strategy to improve their PPC campaigns too.

Offline World

Once you’ve learned how to optimize your content for SEO it does not mean it can’t be used elsewhere. A new blog article could go into a printed newsletter or an updated How-To Guide could be used in your next email campaign. We’ll help you think through all the ways to maximize the use of each piece of website content to fully represent your brand.


We do content in-house, do we really need your help?

The answer is very possibly yes! We have worked with content teams ranging in size from a couple writers to dozens of writers. We also work with Marketing Managers to help craft an effective SEO content strategy and guide its implementation over a set number of months or years.

What does content strategy include?

As with all of our SEO services, SEO content strategy consulting and development is highly customizable. We can provide as much or little input as needed – whether we create and implement the strategy from start to finish or we provide our professional advice on your existing strategy.

What is SEO content strategy?

In its basic form an SEO content strategy includes planning, creating, publishing and promoting content in a way that caters to both visitors and Search Engines in order to increase rankings, exposure and website traffic.

About 1st on the List

Since 1997 our SEO Firm based out of Abbotsford, BC (just east of Vancouver) has created and executed hundreds of SEO and Content strategies for clients across Canada and the United States.

Our team of internet marketing Specialists and Content Writers here at 1st on the List offer professional SEO content writing services. We are trained in the latest SEO Best Practices and come with an array of creative ideas and proven approaches to take your website content to the next level.

Neil Patel offers additional information on this topic in his blog entitled, Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing.

We are highly reviewed by past and current clients and have proven SEO Success Stories to back up our promises.

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