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Web content development is consistently rated as a top SEO initiative to grow your website and improve your rankings. Online content is much more complex than just filling your page with text. Your content must inform, engage, and excite your visitors! Let us help.

The Stakes are Higher Than Ever for Web Content

“There is no such thing as SEO without content. You need words, articles, substance, keywords, verbiage.”

Neil Patel, www.neilpatel.com

Search Engine Optimization and well written content go hand in hand. Without actual words on your website Google (and your actual website visitors) will struggle to understand exactly what you offer and what differentiates you from the competition.

In 2020 and beyond, improving your web content development will become even more imperative as your website experiences increasing scrutiny from Search Engines and visitors alike. Your online content must be useful, accurate, timely, and engaging, which can be a tough task for even the most experienced Digital Marketing Manager let alone the average website owner.

Our team of SEO Content Writers will help you create the content you need grow your website and business and ensure continued success.

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What is Web Content Development?

Web content development is a general term used to describe researching, producing, and publishing content on your website that is useful, accurate, timely, and engaging. Furthermore, each piece of new content must have a strategic goal to attract new website traffic and encourage a specific predetermined outcome.

  • Drives your brand strategy and business goals.

    A clear website content strategy will help drive new website content. Each piece of content must have a strategic goal beyond just keyword insertion. All online content created for SEO purposes must also build your brand and give the reader a clear depiction of who you are and why they should trust what you say.

  • Tells visitors what they need to know.

    We firmly believe that content created for SEO purposes should do more than just attract rankings and traffic – it must also inform your visitors while promoting your brand and building your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). A key component of web content development is anticipating the readers’ needs and telling them everything they need to know.

  • Provide unique and new information that isn’t found elsewhere.

    Did you know there are millions of new blogs published online every day? Unless your content has something different to say than the rest of your competition, it it can get lost in the shuffle. Search Engines want to find unique and meaningful content on your website. It’s imperative that you give Google a reason to rank you above all the other ho-hum content out there.

  • Converts readers into paying customers.

    Your words are wasted if the text on the page doesn’t excite readers and push website visitors further down into your sales funnel. Web content development must include clear directions towards the next steps you want your visitor to take.


Why Implement Content Development into Your SEO?

  • Builds your website authority and relevancy.

    Search Engines and most visitors don’t know the full extent of what you offer unless it is carefully detailed on your website. Strategic web content development is the best way to showcase all of your services while also building your credibility and authority on the topic(s) you write about.

  • Google likes content, period.

    In Google’s Steps to a Google-friendly site, their first point is to give visitors the information they are looking for through high-quality content. In fact, they say this is the single most important thing to do. Their words – not ours, but words to live by nonetheless.

  • Attracts new website rankings and supports existing website rankings.

    If you want to rank for a specific keyword or topic your website must actually talk about that keyword or topic. As you develop a silo of content around the keyword and related topics your rankings improve and become stable, as does your relevancy and authority.

  • Provides an additional platform to educate your customers.

    Don’t think of content just in terms of SEO – you have potential customers on your website every day browsing what you offer and determining if you are the best fit for their needs. Think of content development as a permanent resource manual, FAQ document, and 24/7 sales team.

  • Keeps visitors on your website longer.

    With clear navigation, proper cross-linking and information that keeps a visitor engaged and learning, Content Development can go a long way in improving visitor behavior. Google and other Search Engines also evaluate how long visitors stay and engage with your website and uses this as a ranking factor.

  • Attracts other websites to link to your website (more SEO power!)

    Don’t forgot about the power of link bait! As you produce high quality content it will naturally attract attention from other websites who want to share your content with their own visitors. This in turn grows your popularity and authority and enhances your rankings.


Web Content Development Services

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Content Development Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a content developer?

Our content developers work on the strategic side of the spectrum to research search trends, analyze competition, integrate SEO best practices, organize topics and campaigns, and edit information. Content developers stay focused on the end goal and target market rather than ad hoc content creation. Essentially, our Content Developers help provide a clear course of action to get you to your end goal by using content.

What is content development in marketing?

Content development is the process generating topics and creating content (text, video, image, infographics, etc.) that resonates with your target market(s) and is highly visible in Search Engine results.

Why is content development important?

Content development is one of the highest rated marketing activities to attract website traffic, influence customer behavior, create brand awareness, and most importantly from our perspective, drive a winning SEO strategy.

What companies need content development services?

Companies that plan to create content as part of their SEO strategy or general marketing strategy can greatly benefit from our Content Development services. We’ll provide a clear course of action that builds your content at a manageable rate, incorporates SEO best practices, and capitalizes on your existing visibility and rankings.

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