Turn Your Data into Strategic Action

One thing about web analytics reporting, the numbers don’t lie. So what are your website numbers saying and what should you do as a result? Let’s give meaning and depth to your website analytics so that you can run the most successful SEO and marketing campaigns to date.

Interpret and Apply Your Data for Maximum Results

What is data from your web analytics reporting trying to tell you?

The truth is, all data has a story to tell whether you choose to listen or not. Numbers are useless if they are stuck inside a hard-to-read report or a spreadsheet with endless scrolling.

At 1st on the List, our Analytics Experts and Campaign Managers are here to:

  1. Make sure your data is accurate and reliable
  2. Apply actionable insights and results from your website data

Let’s take the time to listen to what the data is really telling us and then turn the insights into a winning strategy for your brand.

We thrive on turning numbers to meaning. Let us do the same for you.

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Top 5 Things Every Website Owner Should Know About Their Website Performance

  • Visibility and Search Performance

    Rankings are not as important as they used to be. With that said, rankings are still the most common requested metric to include in our clients’ reports because they are easy to understand and track as they go up and down. Relying only on rankings (which are subjective) fails to give you a full picture of your website’s prominence. This is why we also help you interpret your web analytics reporting so you can understand your website’s overall impressions, what groups/topics of keywords you are visible for, and how rankings translate to clicks.

  • Visitor Behavior and Web Vitals

    User experience (UX) plays a critical role in your website’s SEO results. As of May 2021, Google will start using “Page Experience” as a ranking factor, which essentially accounts for “all aspects of how users interact with a web page and how good or painful it is for them” ( In order to win at SEO we must look at your website’s core web vitals including loading time, interactivity, and visual stability.

  • SEO Campaign Growth

    If you are investing in SEO or another Digital Marketing initiative like PPC, it is important to know how it is paying off. With site web analytics reports, we can track website data and design our custom client reports to monitor overall growth of the website and the strength of the campaign.

  • Data-Driven Strategy Moving Forward

    Most data analysts look at historical data and what has happened in the past. A proactive website owner will also use the data from web analytics reporting to guide future initiatives to achieve what they have set out to do. This may include adjusting activities or pursuing a new opportunity all together. Let’s use the data to inspire us to even greater results.

  • Website Health and Search Engine Perspective

    Website data should be used as a gauge of overall site health. This is why your web analytics reporting should include crawling issues, page load times, mobile issues, security issues, search performance, and more. You can think of these metrics as you would having your heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other core vitals monitored by your doctor.

Let Data Drive Your Decisions – Get Help With Website Analytics Today


How Our Analytics and Reports Benefit Our Clients

  • Measure the result of your various marketing activities.

    Know which campaigns get you the best bang for your buck and which campaigns to stop pouring money into. Data from web analytics reporting will help highlight underfunded campaigns and where you have best opportunity to reinvest.

  • Interpret your data and give it meaning and context.

    If you’re not a numbers person you may avoid website analytics all together – which is a scary thing. We simplify things and help you get the big picture of your website performance without bogging you down in all the details.

  • Present findings in a way that anyone can understand.

    You may love numbers but other key decision makers in your organization (like your boss) may not. We’ll take your the data from your web analytics reporting and tell a story that everyone will be interested in hearing and can easily understand.

  • Develop strategies to further strengthen SEO initiatives.

    Web analytics shouldn’t just be historic data saved month over month. We will use it to anticipate opportunities, identify gaps in performance, and ultimately use the data to inform future SEO strategies.

  • Know what is working and invest more into it.

    We all need a pat on the back. Our website analytics and reports look to confirm the places we are seeing results and identify how we can continue to build on the momentum of our success.

  • Identify any issues and anomalies hidden within the data.

    Website data can be deceiving if you don’t look through it carefully. There can be issues lurking behind large increases or decreases, or even stagnant data. Let’s find those issues and fix them right away.

  • Track trends over time to determine overall growth.

    SEO is a longterm strategic initiative critical to every website’s growth. Correct data from site web analytics and proper reporting lets you measure growth year over year so that you can see the big picture of where you’ve come from and where you are going.

  • Make better, more informed decisions.

    At the end of the day, website analytics and reports help us all to make better decisions no matter how big or small the decision may seem at the time. The sum of good decisions over time leads to a strong business model.


Getting the Data and Analysis You Deserve

  • Onboard

    Get all the access information to collect data.

    Let’s set the foundation for a solid future of data analysis, interpretation and application. When our experts first start working with you we will assign roles, gather appropriate access to your marketing properties, and set all goals to be tracked and monitored.

  • Discovery

    Audit existing data and tracking

    Once we have the access we need we will review any tracking done in the past, correct any skewed data or incorrect tracking, and create the necessary tracking code needed for monitoring future goals.

  • Analysis

    Ongoing manual data review.

    The true value of our team is our ability to review the qualitative data gathered through analytics and look for growth and anomalies. In other words we apply meaning to your data. Is it positive growth? Are there issues needing to be fixed? How does it compare to other websites? Is there untapped potential?

  • Report

    Create meaningful monthly report.

    Within each campaign we compile your website analytics and data gathered from a number of sources and present the data to you in a single report. In addition to numbers we identify trends, speak to where our marketing efforts are making a difference, draw your attention to areas that need correcting, and identify new potential.

Our Website Analytics Specialty Services Include

Google Analytics Audit

Google Tag Manager Setup

Profile Filter Setup

Goal Funnel Configuration

Event Tracking

Ecommerce Tracking

Heat Maps

User Experience Recording

Channel Segmentation

AdWords Integration

Search Console Integration

Custom Reports and Analysis

UTM Tracking

Form Submission Tracking

Call Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

What are web analytics used for?

Website analytics are used to understand user behavior and performance of your website, along with a number of marketing initiatives like SEO, PPC, Social Media, and email marketing. Web analytics are also critical for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Why are website analytics important?

Proper website analytics produce detailed data to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of SEO and your other marketing initiatives. This allows our SEO team to customize best practices to your particular situation and detect low-hanging fruits we can quickly implement to give you quick improvements. Website analytics help correctly track and monitor your marketing strategy over time. As we gather historical data we can better understand customer behavior and anticipate and prepare for future trends.

How do I get website analytics?

The most popular website analytics tool is Google Analytics. You can follow Google’s straightforward steps to install their tracking code into your website. There are a number of additional paid and free website analytics providers you can also consider using.

What can website analytics tell you?

Website analytics can give you an endless stream of information about your audience, traffic acquisition, visitor behaviour, and website conversions over any given period of time the tracking code has been installed on your website.

Award Winning Website and SEO Services

Let 1st on the List determine the health of your website, whether through a technical SEO audit or through web analytics reporting.

When it comes to creating and tracking a winning website you’ll want us on your team. Our web analytics reporting services can be applied to projects of all shapes and sizes – both continuing campaigns and one-off initiatives.

To start making sense of your website performance and data, contact us online or send us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you!

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Learn More From Your Website Analytics

Don’t wonder what your website is doing – have a solid understanding backed by sound data. Our Google Analytics Expert can help extract the proper numbers you need to evaluate your SEO and Marketing Campaigns and make sound business decisions.


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