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Our curated selection of top-tier WordPress plugins and themes is your key to a seamless online experience for visitors and for elevated SEO results.

SEO & Visitor Approved Plugins

Creating the type of website Google will rank and visitors will love to use.

Compatible Plugin Selection

Curating a library of plugins that work well together to enhance performance.

Ongoing Plugin Maintenance

Ensuring that plugins are the latest and greatest, and offer security protection.

WordPress Plugins and Themes
Made Simple & Easy

There’s over 60,000 WordPress plugins – both free and paid – where do you even start?

Welcome to our WordPress Plugins Library and Subscription Service, where selecting and managing your plugins is made easy.

Imagine having a curated selection of top-tier plugins at your fingertips, meticulously chosen to enhance your site’s performance, security, and aesthetics. This service is all about simplifying the complexities of managing your WordPress website, providing you with the tools you need for a smoother online journey.

Our commitment extends beyond installing plugins. We offer you a strategic approach to effortlessly integrate these tools into your website. From optimizing speed to fortifying security measures, we’ve got your website’s needs covered. Let us be your guide in navigating the landscape of premium WordPress plugins, ensuring your website not only stays up-to-date but thrives with enhanced functionality.

Ready to elevate your website without the technical headaches?

Explore the possibilities with our WordPress Plugin Subscription Service, where sophistication meets simplicity, and your online presence gets a tailored boost.

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A Library of Core WordPress Plugins
to Power Your Website

Time and again, these are the most recommended and installed WordPress plugins for our clients’ websites. With our annual subscription you’ll have access to the most common plugins needed for your website to function at its best. Best of all – it pays off if you install as few as two plugins. We are all about helping you save money while maximizing your website’s ROI.

  • Speed
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
  • Caching (large files, videos)
  • Image Optimization
  • Security
  • Lead/Inquiry Forms that integrate with Sales Tools (ex. Salesforce)
  • Spam Prevention
  • Galleries
  • eCommerce Capabilities
    (payments, shipping)
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Email Newsletters/Databases
  • Social Sharing
  • Chat/Customer Support
  • Call Tracking
  • Popups or Call to Action Boxes
  • Website Backups
  • Website Analytics
  • Visitor Behaviour Tracking
  • Multi Language
  • Security



Premium WordPress Plugins Subscription Benefits

  • Thoroughly Researched and Tested

    We’ve extensively researched and identified top-performing themes and plugins based on functionality, SEO, security, and speed. Our evaluation goes beyond mere review and download numbers – we scrutinize the coding of each plugin. We’ve also watched our selected plugins perform well and get good results on actual client websites.

  • Most Up to Date Plugins

    We ensure your WordPress plugins are up-to-date and compatible with your website. It’s crucial to use plugins actively supported by their developers, as unsupported ones may deteriorate, leading to increased risks of crashes and security issues.

  • New and Better Plugins

    We keep on top of plugin developer updates and announcements to know what’s going on – so you never have to worry about this!

  • Compatibility Between Plugins and Theme

    We ensure that your theme and plugins are seamlessly working together to maximize your SEO efforts. There’s plenty of testing for compatibility between your website’s plugins and the WordPress theme. It’s not just about individual performance; they must also work in harmony to avoid conflicts.

  • Maximize Website Performance

    We strike the right balance with plugins to empower your website without causing slowdowns. We verify that your plugins don’t hinder performance and can assist in swapping out older plugins for newer, more efficient ones to ensure your website runs smoothly.

  • Discounted Rates

    We carry the monthly or annual cost(s) of plugins and themes that power your website and offer you our bulk/discounted rates.

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Michael Mitov,
Technical SEO & Web Design Specialist


Careful Selection of WordPress Plugins is Critical

“Choosing the right WordPress plugins and themes is like selecting the finest ingredients for a recipe – quality really affects the flavor and texture of the dish – or in this case, the website. As a web developer with years of experience, I can’t stress enough how crucial this step is for our clients. It’s not just about making the website look good; it’s about ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. We take a really careful approach, testing and reviewing plugins and WordPress themes to make sure they play nice together and won’t slow your site down. I’ll help walk you through the plugin and theme options so that your WordPress website doesn’t just look good but also works seamlessly, making your online presence and SEO efforts a success in the long run. I’ve done this for many clients and can take what we’ve learned and proven, and apply it to your website as well.”

WordPress Plugin and Theme FAQ’s

Themes control the look and feel of your WordPress website, while plugins add specific functionalities. Themes determine the design, and plugins enhance features such as SEO, forms, and social media integration.

Premium themes and plugins often offer better design, enhanced features, regular updates, and dedicated support, contributing to a more professional and secure website.

While free WordPress plugins can be tempting, deciding whether to use them on your business website requires careful consideration. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on your specific needs. While free plugins can seem cost-effective and are backed by community support they often have limited features/customization, security concerns, and lack dedicated customer support for complex or time sensitive issues.

Generally, WordPress plugins from reputable sources are secure. We recommend using well-known plugin developers and regularly update plugins to ensure security. User reviews are also a helpful gauge of a plugin’s reliability. Outdated plugins from untrusted sources that request more access than required (ie. unnecessary permissions) may have questionable security.

Yes, regular plugin updates are crucial for security, performance, and compatibility. Ensure your themes and plugins are compatible with the latest WordPress version and update them accordingly. Regular updates are important for security and performance. Aim to update your plugins as soon as new versions are released. Some plugins offer automatic updates, which can simplify the process.

Yes, using outdated plugins can expose your site to security vulnerabilities. Developers release updates to patch vulnerabilities and improve compatibility, so regularly updating your plugins is essential for a secure website.

Choosing reliable plugins is crucial for ensuring the security, stability, and performance of your website. Reputable plugins are more likely to be regularly updated and well-maintained.

Look for plugins in the official WordPress Plugin Repository or from reputable third-party developers. Check user reviews, ratings, and the last update date. Avoid plugins with a history of security issues. 

Poorly coded plugins can lead to compatibility issues, website stability problems, slow loading times, and even site crashes. They may also pose security risks, making it crucial to choose plugins with clean and efficient code.

Yes, too many plugins can cause performance bottlenecks because each plugin adds to the total load time of your site. More plugins increase the likelihood of conflicts which can cause functionality issues or site crashes. The more plugins you have, the higher the risk of a security breach. Managing numerous plugins can also be challenging and time consuming.

Conflicting WordPress plugins can lead to various problems including broken functionality where features don’t work as intended. It can also lead to design discrepancies affecting the overall appearance and user experience, plus performance bottlenecks impacting loading times and responsiveness, security vulnerabilities creating security loopholes, and update challenges leading to errors and potential downtime.


Award Winning SEO & Web Support Services

Your website deserves the best – that’s why we offer subscription services to our library of Premium WordPress plugins.

With a proven track record since 1997, our SEO and SEO-friendly Website Design company has empowered clients with increased traffic and sales. In addition to WordPress website design, our services include dedicated hosting plans, comprehensive site and server analysis, and fine-tuned website performance optimization. All services are designed to propel your website to new heights!

Ready to explore the possibilities?

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“Throughout our partnership, 1st on the List has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to excellence, always going above and beyond to ensure that our expectations were met and exceeded. They have been proactive in their communications, keeping us informed every step of the way on new trends in SEO and website management and they always make themselves available to answer any questions we had at any time. We highly recommend 1st on the List to any organization looking for a reliable, professional, and dedicated SEO/website partner. Their expertise and commitment to PRI has been invaluable to us, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”

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