Retargeting Ads

Recapture interested visitors who were once on your website.

Take Full Advantage of Your Online Marketing Budget

If only 2% of your website visitors make a purchase, retargeting ads (also known as remarketing ads) can potentially keep you connected to the other 98% who leave your site without making a purchase. PPC ad retargeting can help you bring them back and convert them into customers.

Let us help you look at a number of different PPC ad retargeting platforms that you should consider including Google retargeting ads and retargeting ads on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc. Call us toll free at 1-888-262-6687 for more information on PPC ad retargeting.

Google Ad Retargeting Campaigns

There are four Google ad retargeting campaigns that you can leverage including:

  • Standard Retargeting Campaigns
  • Dynamic Ad Retargeting – that shows an ad specific to the product or service the visitor viewed on your website.
  • Search Ad Retargeting – that will display your ad to people as they go back to Google to continue their search.
  • Video Ad Remarketing – connects with visitors who watched your videos or visited your YouTube Channel.

Call us toll free at 1-888-262-6687 for more information on ad retargeting.

How Does Ad Remarketing Increase Sales?

Ad Retargeting is less expensive than other Pay Per Click Advertising models. Many clients report increased sales because they are able to:

  1. Target potential customers through several touch points prior to purchasing decisions.
  2. Attain higher click-through-rates, as visitors are already familiar with the brand.
  3. Reach higher conversion rates, as the visitor is further into the buying cycle.
  4. Focus on a specific Product or Service to increase sales in one area.
  5. Automate bid strategies with real-time bidding, which calculates the optimal bid for each visitor.
  6. Use traditional AdWords text ads as well as image and video ads.
  7. Use “Include” and “Exclude” lists for better ad management.

What Advanced PPC Ad Retargeting Services Include

PPC ad retargeting has a one-time setup cost, which includes installing the proper tracking code on your website, configuring tracking systems, setting up retargeting ads, and collecting information on visitors. The Monthly Maintenance is separate and includes continual optimization of your retargeting campaign to bring the most qualified traffic to your website.

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Turn Your Abandoned Visitors into Customers

The magic of ad retargeting is that you can bring visitors back to your website who are already familiar with your brand. You can custom tailor your ads to their specific behaviors and needs for even better results. Have our experts show you how to leverage ad retargeting to attain better click through rates and conversion.

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