Recapture Interested Visitors Who Were Once On Your Website

If only 2% of your website visitors make a purchase, ad retargeting services (also known as remarketing ads) can potentially keep you connected to the other 98% who leave your site without making a purchase. Retargeting can help you bring them back and convert them into customers.

Take Full Advantage of Your Online Marketing Budget

1st on the List ad retargeting services include a number of different platforms including Google retargeting ads and retargeting ads on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and others.

Typically, people will research 3 to 5 websites before making a decision. Sometimes this may be over several days or weeks. Our professional Ad Retargeting Services will help keep your brand in front of these potential buyers. Your ads will be shown on the various other websites that they visit. Retargeting helps to ensure that your website visiotrs will they keep seeing your brand whenever they do other things like go on social media, check the news, and more.

They will be reminded of your website and everything you have to offer. This motivates more people to return to your website when they are ready to purchase, resulting in increased sales.

By adding retargeting to your PPC Campaign you can follow-up on people who are actively looking for your product and services. This strategy gives us a chance to help them understand why your offering is the right one for their needs.

Inquire about ad retargeting services on the platforms that matter most to you. These may include Google retargeting ads and retargeting ads on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc. Call us at 1-888-262-6687 for more information.

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Reconnect with Your Abandoned Website Visitors

There are several ways that ad retargeting services can put you back in touch with your website visitors. This will you reach your objective of turning them into happy, paying customers.

Standard Retargeting

This is one of the original yet still profitable ways to retarget your visitors! Create display ads for past visitors as they use different websites featuring the Google Display Network.

Search Ad Retargeting

Start using Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) to tailor your ad copy, bids, keywords, and more based on your website visitors’ past behaviour – like placing items in their shopping cart.

Social Media Retargeting

Tap into the mass amounts of audience data owned by Social Media Platforms in order to display highly personalized and relevant offers to your targeted audience.

Video Ad Remarketing

We’ll use your remarketing list to create video campaigns with personalized ads for viewers when they watch or search for videos on YouTube. Pay only when they show interest in your brand!


How Retargeting Can Increase Your ROI

  • Target potential customers through several touch points prior to purchasing decisions.

    Your sales cycle may be weeks or months long. You can use remarketing to keep in touch with your target customers throughout the entire process and customize your ads depending on where they may be at in the buying process.

  • Attain higher click-through-rates as visitors are already familiar with your brand.

    Some say it can take seven or more brand impressions for a potential customer to build enough trust in your company in order to take the plunge. The more you interact with your target customers with ad retargeting services the more familiar they become with your brand, and the more trust we can build.

  • Reach higher conversion rates as the visitor is further into the buying cycle.

    Would you rather cold call a new prospect or reach out to a warm lead? Ad retargeting is all about connecting with warm leads who have already shown interest. All it takes is a small reminder and a nudge back in the right direction.

  • Focus on a specific product or service to increase sales in one area.

    Ad retargeting is a great way to take advantage of seasonal trends, overstocked products or services, and so much more.

  • Ad Retargeting is less expensive than other Pay Per Click Advertising.

    If you are looking to get more out of your budget, remarketing can stretch your Ad Spend and earn a higher ROI. Your ads will be shown to people already familiar and interested in your brand and offerings.

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“After talking to all the SEO companies on the list, I came to the conclusion that 1st on the List was the best and the brightest of the bunch. And that has proven to be exactly correct! Everything that I had hoped for has been realized and our working relationship is very enjoyable. It’s been a true partnership! I am extremely pleased with the results and our company is looking for ways to further strengthen our relationship with 1st on the List.”

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Ad Retargeting FAQs

How does your ad retargeting services work?

The most popular type of remarketing is powered by pixel-based retargeting. A piece of code is added to your website that then places an unobtrusive pixel (JavaScript code) to your visitors' browser. Their browser now has a cookie that will notify your selected retargeting platforms to display specific ads based on your website pages they visited. Pixel-based ad retargeting is timely and behaviour-specific.

Do all campaigns have the same goals?

No. There are many different objectives or goals for using ad retargeting services as part of your Paid Search Strategy. For example, you may be interested in building awareness and re-engage with your website visitors. Or you may be interested in conversions, such as capturing email addresses or gaining a sale. Based on your goals, we can help determine the best ad strategy, platforms, budget, and more.

What is the difference between ad retargeting and re-marketing?

In general, the terms are used somewhat interchangeably. If we are getting technical, ad retargeting serves up ads to your potential customers based on cookies added to their browser after visiting your website. Remarketing collects information about your users and creates lists, which are then used to target with ads and sales emails.

How much do retargeting services cost?

The answer is, it depends. There are typically two costs for ad retargeting. The first, actual advertising fees paid directly to the advertising platform (ex. Google, Facebook). The second (if you have a firm like 1st on the List manage your campaign) are optimization and management fees, which covers the work to monitor, update, and optimize your campaign on a monthly basis to make sure you are maximizing ROI.

About 1st on the List

Started in 1997, 1st on the List is one of North America’s Top SEO Companies for PPC advertising and SEO services. In fact, we are older than both Google and PPC advertising! Our pay per click experts have helped hundreds of PPC customers over the years and understand what is required for your website to rank well on the PPC search engines.

Call us at 1-888-262-6687 to learn more about how we can help you.

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Turn Your Abandoned Visitors into Customers

The magic of ad retargeting services is that you can bring visitors back to your website who are already familiar with your brand. You can custom tailor your ads to their specific behaviors and needs for even better results. Have our experts show you how to leverage ad retargeting to attain better click through rates and conversion.


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