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A Friendly Website That Showcases Your Brand

1st on the List SEO website design services help make your website search engine friendly, mobile friendly, and user friendly. Whether your website offers products for sale, professional services, or just information, your website needs to rank well on the 1st page of Google results. Google and the other search engines favor websites that provide a great user experience. That simply means websites that load fast, are easy to navigate, and provide excellent useful information for the visitor.

Build SEO Into Your Web Design

Since the beginning, year after year, organic search has consistently out-performed all other online marketing channels. Let us help you create a winning SEO website design that showcases your products and services, builds your brand, engages the visitor, and successfully prompts visitors to take action. 1st on the List offers custom SEO services so that your new website will be search engine friendly and specifically designed to engage and meet the needs of your clients and the search engines.

SEO WordPress Website Design

WordPress, which was first created in 2003, is a free, “Open Source” website design platform, which means no one owns it and it is free to all users. Now 15+ years strong, many talented web developers have contributed to the development of the WordPress platform. Because of this, WordPress powers over 30% of the Web and has many SEO friendly web design themes. Google seems to love WordPress websites and this is our platform of choice for SEO website design. Let our WordPress experts create a website design that is not only user friendly, but also very easy for the search engines to find, rate, and rank your web pages properly. Be found on the first page of the search results with a winning SEO WordPress design!

SEO Ecommerce Website Design

Studies show that a #1 ranking gets a 36% click through rate (CTR). A #2 ranking still gets a respectable 12.5% CTR and a #3 ranking attracts about 9.5% of the clicks. That means that the first three positions on Google get over 58% of all the clicks. Without question, your online store needs to be on the first page of Google search results and it needs to outrank your competitors. Every click is a potential sale so it is imperative that your ecommerce website design be SEO friendly. Along with site speed, optimization, and creating a great user experience, a large part of our ecommerce SEO website design strategy is to research your market, your competition, and the keywords you want to rank for.

SEO Mobile Website Design

SEO friendly mobile is a measure of how well your mobile website engages the visitor regardless of what mobile device they are using. Our custom SEO website design services also include mobile optimization so that your website will be optimized across all mobile devices to ensure a greater user experience.

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What Our Clients Say

“I am beyond thrilled how 1st on the List has helped build my business from the ground up! I came to 1st on the List over three years ago barely knowing how to turn my computer on let alone use the internet to market my jewelry business and bring in new customers. If it weren’t for their design and SEO I likely wouldn’t be in business today. My website currently brings in the majority of my new customers. I get phone calls from both local customers and out of state customers because they found my website and liked what they saw.”

Debra Keezing
Owner, Keezing Kreations

About 1st on the List

Founded in 1997 (we’re a year older than Google!), 1st on the List has been consistently ranked for “BEST IN SEARCH” by TOP SEOs, an Independent Authority on Search Vendors. As one of North America’s Top SEO companies, we understand the history and the changing landscape of search engines.

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You will have an SEO friendly website that will please the search engines, engage the visitor, and attract more qualified traffic and leads for improved conversions and sales!

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