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Google Algorithm Quality Update – May 2015

Google recently confirmed that it indeed changed its algorithm earlier this month.

Many website owners and SEO’s started noticing changes in rankings in early May although Google kept saying there were no updates. Some were […]

Google Webmaster Tools Now Called Google Search Console

Google is making some big changes lately including rebranding Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console this morning.

For the last ten years Webmasters, website owners, SEOs, programmers, designers and others have been using this system […]

Why Do WordPress Websites Get Hacked?

Uh oh! You’ve just received a Google Webmaster Tool notice saying “Hacking Suspected”:

Or perhaps you’re checking out how your website looks in Search Results and you see this small message by your website: This […]

8 Basic Facts Every Small Business Owner Needs Know About SEO

If you don’t know these facts you’re not alone. Most small businesses we speak to aren’t quite sure about these basic fundamental SEO concepts. We’ve made it our mandate to help small businesses understand […]

Bing Claims 20 Percent Search Market Share in 2015

The latest numbers by comScore are out and Bing search percent has officially hit the 20% market share in the US:

Share % (March 2015)

Google Sites

Microsoft Sites (Bing)

Yahoo Sites

Ask Network

AOL., Inc.

The Bing vs Google percentage […]

What’s Important Content for B2B Conversion Optimization?

A recent study by KoMarketing, Huff Industrial Marketing and BuyerZone examined the most important content for B2B buyers and what factors on a website can impact their buying decision, for better or worse.

Here are the key […]

How Higher Click Through Rates Help Maintain Your Higher Rankings

Once your site achieves a first page search engine ranking, your listings’ click through rate plays an important factor in whether it will remain there.  Once you learn how to increase your click through […]

The High Cost of Saving Money on SEO

I’ve been reminded in the last couple weeks once again at how many businesses are selecting search engine optimization (SEO) companies based solely on price. This simplistic selection method is costing them far more […]

Wondering What to Post on Facebook? Here’s Buffer’s Tips for Posting on Facebook That Work

Do you find yourself wanting to use Facebook for your business but aren’t totally sure how or don’t know what people want to see?

A couple weeks ago Buffer App author Courtney Seiter posted 12 […]

Will Your Rankings Drop on April 21?

Today we published our new SlideShare presentation on Google’s Mobile Friendly website ranking update scheduled for April 21. Check it out!