How 301 Redirects Affect SEO

404: bad. 301: good. Bigger isn’t always better, and definitely not when it comes to SEO and these two numbers. In case you’re wondering, we’re talking about 404 errors and 301 redirects. While that first sentence (the one about 404s being bad and 301s good) completely oversimplifies things (by now you really ought to know […]

Social Media Sites for SEO - 1st on the List

Two words: social media. Two more words: love hate. Whether you love or hate social media, the fact remains that out of a total worldwide population of 7.710+ billion (according to Worldometers, June 2019): 4 billion of those are internet users, (Internet World Stats – Internet Users in the World, March 2019) and 3.499 billion of […]

Sales Funnel Template and Diagram 1st on the list

Traffic. Leads. Sales. Get traffic on your website. Build leads and contacts. Convert leads into sales. We’re tempted to hashtag this simple three-string chain of events “business goals”. Like #relationshipgoals (oh, hello there George and Amal Clooney). But for business. Actually, we’re more than tempted: #businessgoals. There. We did it. How to reach those goals […]


Even though most website owners now understand the importance of SEO, there are still a lot of common SEO questions we get asked when talking to new and potential clients. Below, our search engine optimization experts take a closer look at these common SEO questions with answers to additional important questions that you should be […]

Link Building - 1st on the List

Popularity; being well-liked is important to some people. It’s also important to businesses. Generally, one can assume that if a business is popular that it is good and provides a valuable service or product. But, is that always the case? If you can make a thousand people say you’re the most popular person, are you […]

Website traffic doesn't equal sale - 1st on the List

More Traffic Doesn’t Equal More Sales Are you experiencing more traffic but no sales? Years ago, when the Internet was in its infancy and businesses were urged to get their very first place in cyberspace, there was a philosophy that ‘if you build it, they will come.’ There was this ‘first on the scene’ mentality […]

Website Development - marketing agency

Why update WordPress plugins is a very common question…more common than you might think. Keep in mind, however, that WordPress themes and plugins are software programs. Over time, these programs can become outdated, or the software developer may have released newer updated versions with better features or even bug fixes. So, the main answer to […]

landing pages that convert

When done properly, great landing pages that convert can really add to your ROI. The object of any landing page is to provide a clear and complete path to a decision, whether that is a download, a purchase, a request for more information, or some other clearly defined call-to-action. SEO, pay-per-click marketing, and other online […]

woman using computer with chart

Inevitably, every client wants to know how long does SEO take to work. Everyone wants instant gratification. We live in a time where nobody really wants to wait too long for anything. We’ve been conditioned to believe that faster often equates to better. We want instant food, instant miracles, instant success, and instant everything! But […]

seo firm achievement

Yes, it really is possible to have too much business. Your business will have a sweet spot of success. The right number of people throughout every level of the sales funnel, all being properly serviced by the current team, is an ideal goal. Of course, for some businesses, they are looking for increased business beyond […]

We’ve Been Around Longer Than Google!

Since 1997, 1st on the List Promotion Inc. has specialized in organic search engine optimization services for clients across the USA and Canada. Over the last decade, we have consistently been ranked as one of North America’s Top SEO companies by independent authorities like Clutch, IIMA, and “Best in Search” by TOPSEOs.