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1st on the List’s company blog posts about Ecommerce SEO. This ecommerce blog section includes articles about SEO for ecommerce websites including decreasing shopping cart abandonment, improving Call to Action statements, writing great product descriptions, evaluating shopping carts for SEO, and more.

Top 8 Mobile Website Shopping Problems According to Consumers

A recent study done by Bizrate Insights uncovers the top problems consumers experience when shopping online from their mobile device. Almost all of these relate to usability. Does your mobile website design have any of these issues?
Problem 8 – Data Security Concerns (11%).
Problem 7 – Not enough product information available (12%).
Problem 6 – Pictures […]

8 Types of Content Your Online Shoppers Actually Care About

Do you know what is actually turning your online shoppers into buyers? Are big images of your product more important that short video clips? Does a review from another shopper more likely to convince the shopper to buy, or is it because the product is currently a trending bestseller that the shopper makes the purchase?

A […]

Are You Losing 70% of Sales? How to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

If current website sales are $10,000 per month and you can improve shopping cart abandonment rate by just 10% you would end up earning an additional $12,000 in sales for the year!

In case you are new to this concept, the official shopping cart abandonment rate definition is the loss of customers who enter the […]

How to Write Compelling Call to Actions for your Website

In a previous article we discussed the importance of having a compelling “call to action” on each of your web pages.

The article explained that  a “call to action” or “action statement” is what converts your website visitors into customers and ultimately what increases your Return on Investment (ROI) for Search Engine […]

Importance of Writing Compelling Call to Action Statements for SEO and Web Design

Have you ever visited a website and found yourself unsure of what you are supposed to do?

Perhaps you wanted to make a purchase or get more information but there was no way to do so.

Now try to remember what you ended up doing on this seemingly dead-end website. Chances are, you clicked away […]

How to Recover from a Steep Drop in Revenues and Sales

While we try not to dwell in the past, the reality is that a lot of buisnesses experienced a steep drop in their 2010 sales. The year before was one of the worst recessions in the last 50 years, the affects of which lasted well into 2010. Thankfully, we have reason to believe that the economy is […]

Writing Powerful Product Descriptions That Sell

In terms of e-commerce, the job of any good product description is to persuade the customer to take the next step…in this case, to purchase your product.

In order to persuade, you need to inform and entice.

However, when it comes to product descriptions, perhaps the biggest mistake eCommerce site owners make is to use the generic “text description” provided by the manufacturer. Manufacturer descriptions tend to be full of product features making them dull and dreary and leaving the customer feeling that they’ve “heard it all before”.

The key then, to creating powerful product descriptions that sell is to bring something unique to the table…to capture the product’s essence and highlight your product’s unique benefits so that the shopper will be compelled to buy. […]

Shopping Cart Systems & Search Engine Optimization

If you are considering an e-commerce enabled website, or adding a shopping cart to your existing website you will want to:

– Ensure that you can maximize your organic search engine exposure

– and ensure any existing rankings are not lost

While some shopping carts are being created with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, many […]