Analyze Website Content for SEO Value and Performance

Our full website content audit gives an unbiased SEO opinion about your content, offering clear direction for the future of your Content Marketing Strategy. Does your content excite and engage your visitors while telling the Search Engines everything they need to know to rank your website?

Helping You Create Valuable Content

With a Website Content Audit, we strive to truly help you uncover the answers to several key questions pointed out by Search Engine Land’s quality content guidelines.

  • Is your web page content useful, informative and engaging?

  • Is your content more valuable and useful than other websites?

  • Is your content credible and follow quality content guidelines?

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Reap the Rewards of a Thorough Website Content Audit

“Get your content right, and you’ve created a solid foundation to support all of your other SEO efforts.” (Search Engine Land)

  • Thorough assessment of existing content.

    We take a holistic look at your existing website content. We look at it from the perspective of Search Engines and visitors, so you know exactly where your content stands, what you’ve done exactly right, and what needs to be improved. Remember, SEO is all about doing as many things right as possible – and this includes your web page content.

  • SEO content guidelines for your in-house writers.

    There’s a lot that a website content audit considers. We can consult on meta data creation, cross-linking, keyword integration, URL structure and more to make sure any new content your team creates is SEO ready – saving you time and money in the future. We’ll also show you how to improve your SEO content so it can gain synergies with other digital marketing like Paid Search and Social Media.

  • Identification of content gaps hurting your SEO efforts.

    The reason for your lack of rankings or lack of conversions could be major gaps in your web page content. Maybe your website doesn’t include the keyword topics people are actually searching for so you are missing out on potential rankings and traffic. Or maybe your website is missing the crucial information site visitors need to make a decision.

  • Opportunities for content improvements to power your Digital Marketing Strategy.

    Real value. It’s what you want your website content audit to reveal and improve upon. There are always ways you can increase the value of your website content for the purpose of SEO. High quality content will greatly influence your holistic and coherent marketing strategy across the board. We’ll help pinpoint these opportunities.

Take Your Website Content to the Next Level


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Words. That’s how we communicate, and they can be very powerful. The right words can trigger strong emotions, motivate, inspire, and even solve problems. And that’s the point. Your website needs to help visitors solve their problems. That’s why we do website content audits. We need to find out if your content is doing what it is supposed to do. If it isn’t, we’ll show you how to fix that.

Tony Hutchcroft
Senior SEO Content Auditor, 1st on the List


SEO Website Content Audit Key Factors

Content Quality

Google requires websites to write web page content primarily for users and not search engines. Quality content is unique, valuable, and engaging – content that stands out from all competitors.


As an outsider, we are unbiased when doing your website content audit. We are reading your web page content for the first time, the same way most of your visitors are. Does the content provide meaningful insights and useful information?

SEO Meta Data

Meta data is one of the most basic aspects of website content. We look at whether your site content has engaging meta titles and meta descriptions that are keyword optimized and also enticing and click worthy.

Keyword Usage

We first need to understand your overall marketing goals and where you want to pinpoint your efforts. We can then evaluate whether your website content includes relevant keywords that people are actually searching for.

Duplication Issues

SEO requires 100% original text content that exists on only on one page of your website. We look for any duplication issues (purposely or inadvertently) caused by yourself or competitors who may be using your content.

Current Performance

It’s very valuable to see what website content is actually delivering the most traffic to your website. What pages attract the most conversions and engage visitors the longest?

Content Organization

A website content audit will uncover how well your page content is organized in terms of navigation, URL structure, internal linking, and more. It’s important to access your content and evaluate it just as your visitors would.

Content Presentation

Is your website content presented in a way that is easy to skim and digest? We are looking for all opportunities to help break up the text and make the content more engaging – from bullets, to images, media, headings, and so on.

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“We needed to build a new website in a way that would be sustainable from an SEO perspective, as well as set up our content team to understand and write for SEO. In addition to this, we needed over 100 pieces of content and site pages QA’d and optimized for launch. 1st on the List Promotion delivered on all fronts. In terms of results, we saw a month-to-month improvement in organic search traffic, with several pieces of content ranking on the first page of Google. We were able to extend our brand awareness. Overall, we were targeting awareness in the local area more than sales, and that was successful.”

Digital Manager, Home Care Provider in Ontario
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Content Audit Related Frequently Asked Questions

What is a content audit?

A content audit is a systematic inspection of a website’s content with the purpose of evaluating various content factors such as quantity, quality, uniqueness, engagement, search friendliness, keyword integration, and more. The end result is an assessment of how to strengthen, update, or add to existing content in order to meet SEO objectives.

What does an SEO content audit do?

A full SEO content audit will assess all existing content, identify content gaps, develop SEO content guidelines for writers, and identify content improvements.

Why is a content audit useful?

Our SEO content audits provide your content team with an outside, expert evaluation of the content on your website. We will help you understand engagement, performance, organization and presentation of your existing content and provide ways to add SEO enhancements. We can also provide guidance for future content development and creation.

Why do I need an SEO content audit?

In order to be successful your content needs to motivate, inspire and solve problems as well have all current SEO features to appear in Search Results. We perform our content audits to find out if your content is doing what it’s supposed to. If not, we’ll show you how to fix that. SEO content audits are particularly valuable for large websites with a steady stream of new content and companies with a team of writers.

Award Winning SEO Services

2019 and 2020 SEO and Best in Search Awards from TopSEOs, Clutch, and SEMFirms

A website content audit is just one aspect of the SEO services we offer. 1st on the List has been administering best practices in content development and strategies since 1997. Over the years, the way visitors interact with website content and how Search Engines evaluate content has changed a lot. Our goal has remained the same however – to create and optimize our client’s web page content following only industry accepted best practices.

This means long term and stable SEO Results for our clients. Our clients rave about our SEO services and we’ve been named among the Top SEO Firms in Canada and the US by independent authorities.

Call us toll-free at 1-888-261-6687 to find out more about 1st on the List and our website content audit services.


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Boost Your Content Performance
with A Website Content Audit

Whatever the “more” is that you are after – “more traffic, more leads, more sales” – let’s start a conversation about how a website content audit can improve your visitor and search engine engagement. We look forward to providing professional SEO content services that will get you the “more” that you deserve!


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