Quickest Way to Attract Highly Targeted, Pre-Qualified Visitors to Your Website

When it comes to pay per click advertising, we don’t use a set it and forget it method! We treat your business as if it were our own and use advanced methods to continually increase the profit from each dollar spent. Your online marketing deserves an attentive, exceptionally driven, and ROI focused Paid Search Consultant and Manager on your side!

Bidding for Visibility, Clicks, and New Customers

  • Acquire More Website Traffic

    You can expect to increase traffic volume to your website. New visitors. New customers. Potential new referrals.

  • Get More Phone Calls

    Pay Per Click advertising can bring in new business to keep your sales team, work fleet, or retail store busy, especially during slow seasons.

  • Nurture More Hot Leads

    Gather customer data on optimized landing pages and turn these leads into new customers.

  • Close More Sales

    Drive qualified targeted traffic to your website where you can close the deal.

How Can PPC Propel Your Business?

Paid Search Marketing can be as simple or complex as you choose.

Yes, anyone can create and run a pay per click advertising campaign on their own by simply signing up for an account on any of the largest PPC ad platforms. But it takes advanced tactics, constant monitoring, data analysis, ongoing adjustments, and budget optimization in order to get the most out of every dollar that goes into your advertising.

By focusing on profits, a PPC Campaign takes on new meaning. A successful pay per click advertising campaign uses the best combination of advertising platforms to drive new business, increase revenues, keep your sales team busy, improve e-commerce performance, and play a major role in your overall Search Marketing Strategy. See this Search Engine Land article entitled, The Complete Guide to PPC.

Custom PPC Campaigns

Have our expert Pay Per Click Advertising Managers run your Paid Search campaign.

Highly sophisticated campaigns driven by ROI! We take your goals, competitor activity, and budget in order to select the best PPC advertising platform and custom strategy to reach new customers to grow your company’s bottom line.

Local PPC

Attract new leads and customers to drive business.

Paid search strategies designed to maximize small budgets by targeting a select few specific cities and services. Most of the time, this is all that’s needed for a Local PPC campaign to successfully generate small businesses the additional customers and sales they need to increase monthly profitability.

PPC Campaign Audits

Make sure you are getting the most out of your PPC campaign and exploring all your opportunities.

PPC campaign audits are designed for companies managing their own accounts but are looking for ways to improve their pay per click management efforts. We’ll review your PPC account, help you refine your PPC ads, keywords and bid strategies, so you get a better return on investment.

Dynamic PPC Retargeting

Recapture visitors after they leave your website without buying and turn them into a customer.

Google Remarketing Ad Campaigns let you recapture visitors who recently visited your website by showing them relevant ads as they browse the web. For example, if your Ad Campaign has a 2-8% conversion rate we can retarget the 90%+ that didn’t convert and capture the conversion at a later date.

Social Media Advertising

Reach new potential customers where they are most engaged.

Many companies are finding success in allocating more of the PPC budgets to Social Media advertising on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Often these platforms provide affordable advertising to microtargeted audiences. Audiences can also be more engaged and Social Media advertising can also grow your brand and build authentic relationships.

Advanced PPC Advertising

Cutting edge pay per click advertising to get more out of every dollar.

As technology improves and search behaviors evolve there is always something new to implement with your Paid Search Campaign. For 2020, we are looking at Programmatic Advertising (the automated buying and selling of advertising space) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to power a highly sophisticated pay per click adverstising campaign.

Google AdWords

Get instant top of page Google rankings, the world’s most popular Search Engine.

With more than two-thirds of online searches occurring on Google, AdWords is the most popular PPC Advertising platform for getting your website shown to people searching for your offerings. Google AdWords include Search Ads, Mobile Ads, YouTube ads, and Google Display Network ads.

Bing Advertising

Advertise to a search group that typically has the highest conversion rate.

Bing Ads reach 162 million unique searchers across Microsoft and Yahoo sites. Bing searchers typically have higher conversion rates and a PPC management campaign with Bing can be a more profitable way to gain new customers.

Facebook PPC Advertising

Promote your brand to a targeted group of Facebook users and reach new customers.

With close to 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook will help you reach the right people. We’ll target your message to users based on their demographic, social and personal information. Such concise targeting helps to lower PPC ad costs and increase your Return on Ad Spend.

Find Out What Paid Search Options Are Best For Your Website


Our Winning Pay Per Click Advertising Process

  • PPC Goals

    The overall goal of pay per click advertising, whether you do it in-house or hire a pay per click manager, is to minimize or reduce cost per click while maximizing your traffic, conversion rate, and return. Our Pay Per Click Manager will design a campaign that aligns with your goals such as to increase traffic to site, promote special offers, or increase leads. Not sure what your PPC goals are? We can help establish these plus proper metrics to measure before starting.

  • Advertising Platform and Strategy Selection

    Not all online PPC advertising platforms are the same! Depending on your goals, budget, target market, and even industry we help select the best platform (or platforms) to advertise. There are many opportunities, including the more traditional Google AdWords and Bing Ads as well as popular social platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads and LinkedIn Ads. You may even benefit from other platforms like Amazon Advertising, Reddit Ads, Twitter Ads or Pinterest Ads!

  • Keyword Research

    How do you know that you are bidding and paying for the right keywords to achieve the goals of your Pay Per Click advertising campaign? The cornerstone of any strong PPC campaign is to do in-depth keyword research first to find the right keywords to target. You need to know what keywords are most likely to result in higher clicks and conversions. Our PPC Managers use a number of different tools plus a good understanding of what your target customers will actually type into the search bar to conduct thorough keyword research.

  • Ad Copywriting

    Writing strong PPC ads to get the click can be a tough task.  Pay Per Click ads have a limited number of characters and must compete not only against other ads shown in results but also against everything else on the page. Our Professional PPC ad copywriting services include writing specific ads for specific keywords and different buyer needs. PPC ad writing also includes crafting a strong call to action to elicit a click through.

  • Landing Page Optimization

    Once a searcher clicks on your PPC ad, the first page they see on your website needs to grab their attention and be relevant to what they are looking for. The goal of effective pay per click advertising is to create attractive pages that convert … make a sale, collect a lead, or promote a product. By improving the message match between the keyword search query, your ad, and the landing page you send the searcher to, you can improve your Quality Score and Ad Rank, which will reduce the overall cost of your pay per click advertising campaign. We also do e-commerce website design to improve the user experience on your e-commerce site!

  • PPC Analytics & Conversion Tracking

    Closely monitoring your Pay Per Click campaign through analytics and conversion tracking ensures that you always know how much each new customer costs. PPC analytics also allows you to fine-tune keywords, ad copy, landing pages, and other customizable features. By reviewing the numbers, our Pay Per Click Managers can find ways to increase clicks and conversions while decreasing your PPC ad costs.

Connecting SEO and PPC Initiatives
to Gain New Search Synergies

There comes a time in each business’s Search Marketing Strategy where they must decide where to allocate their online marketing spend – Organic SEO or Paid Search Advertising? At 1st on the List we don’t think it needs to be either or. It can be both. And in fact, most companies who choose to use both can take advantage of the benefits of each plus extra synergies only achieved when both are used together.

Shared Keywords

When PPC strategists have knowledge of Top Ranking Keywords they can adjust their marketing campaigns to better align with successful SEO efforts and both take advantage of high performing keywords.

Increased Click Through Rates

It’s a lesser known phenomenon! Historically, organic click through rates increase when both a PPC ad and an organic listing are simultaneously on the first page of Google results.

More Search Result Real Estate

Your website has the opportunity to be shown at least twice in Search Results, thus increasing your brand exposure. Even if people are not clicking on your website they are seeing your name.

Better Data Insights

There is a lot of insight that can only be gained through pay per click advertising. This testing can be conducted quickly with data gathered in real time. This data can then be applied to SEO for a smarter and more efficient campaign.


Bringing Advanced Skill Sets and Exciting Expertise

Donald Kim head shot

Donald Kim

Google Partner Logo

With a focus on performance marketing and online customer acquisition Donald has what it takes to audit any PPC account and take it to the next level while applying a holistic marketing strategy.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Ad Bid Optimization

  • ROI/ROA Focused Business Consulting

  • Retargeting Strategies

  • Display Advertising

  • Audience Identification

  • Advanced Data Analytics

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Customized Reporting

  • User Behavior Optimization

  • A/B Testing


How We Get More
Out of Each PPC Dollar Spent

Our Pay Per Click advertising services offer many ways to help you supplement your SEO traffic and explore new traffic sources for your business. With our help, you can capture faster and more measurable results in the form of highly targeted traffic and highly motivated leads.

Did you know? The costs for 1st on the List Pay Per Click advertising services are typically small compared to the savings we are able to achieve. The top priority of our professional Pay Per Click Manager is to help grow your return on investment (ROI) and help you make financially sound decisions when it comes to running your PPC ad campaigns.

Our PPC experts can design your Pay Per Click management campaign from scratch or conduct a complete overhaul of your current PPC campaign to get even more value from each dollar spent and always keep your Pay Per Click campaign functioning at its peak.


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