Get Even More Out of Your Precious PPC Ad Spend

You need professional PPC audit services if you are doing Google AdWords or another form of Pay Per Click Advertising and questioning how well it’s doing. Our PPC Audits take an objective look at your current campaign and ultimately provide recommendations on how to minimize your Cost-Per-Conversion and maximize your ROI.

Poor Performing Paid Search Campaigns Hurt Your ROI

Is your ROI as high as it could be? Our PPC Audit services will take a deep look into all the details of your current Pay Per Click Marketing in order to determine areas that could use improvement.

It’s not just about looking at where ad spend is wasted but also about discovering new opportunities where your PPC campaigns could be tweaked to make even more money. Our professional PPC advertising managers will look at your campaign through fresh eyes.

PPC Audit services are particularly beneficial if you find your campaign is no longer performing well or you are considering revamping your PPC Strategy.

  • 61% of Ad Spend is spent on keywords that never convert.

  • 75.8% of the average AdWords account budget is wasted.

  • Every 10% increase in wasted AdSpend increases your cost-per-conversion by 44-72%.


How Can I Tell If I Need a PPC Audit?

  • You’ve noticed a drop in traffic or increase in cost-per-click.

    Has something seemed to have changed all of a sudden in your PPC campaign? Are the results you used to achieve just not there anymore? Whether it’s an honest human error, a change in the ad platform, or a shift in how people search, there are many reasons that could be the culprit for your PPC campaign delivering lacklustre results.

  • You have too much to do, too little time.

    We get it. You have your hands full and the time you do have to spend on your PPC Advertising Campaigns goes towards keeping it up and running. It can be tricky and demanding to set aside the uninterrupted time you need to fully review the account, identify improvements, and track the impact of your changes. Let us do the heavy lifting! Our PPC audit services are designed to uncover what is and what isn’t working.

  • You need fresh perspective and validation.

    If you or your team has been running your own Paid Search Campaign for any given time, you may start to develop blind spots. You may run out of creative juice. You may fail to notice problems both big and small. You simply stop seeing areas to improve upon; areas that a PPC account audit will help you find. We’ll bring fresh ideas and add new life to your PPC campaign.

  • You are in a very competitive market.

    If you are competing against big pay per click advertising spenders or having to up your bids seemingly every quarter to keep your impressions, it’s time to get some added professional input. PPC audit services can help find creative ways to outperform your competitors, decrease your costs, all while increasing your bottom line.

  • You have a complex campaign with many hands on deck.

    Perhaps your PPC advertising campaign started out small but as you started seeing results you started adding more moving parts to it. Have more people became involved? Has your budget gotten bigger and bigger? As you spend more there is more to potentially lose – let’s make sure you are running at maximum capacity!

  • You don’t measure cost-per-conversions and goals.

    This is a big one. How can you really compare your Paid Advertising to other Digital Marketing initiatives and even offline marketing efforts? Are you measuring how much it costs to convert or acquire a new customer through PPC advertising? Even worse, what happens when you don’t have true goals in place for guiding and evaluating PPC?

How An Audit Will Help Save Money and Increase Conversions

Depending on the complexity of your PPC Advertising Strategy, we will look at the performance in terms of cost and conversions for each PPC campaign, including its individual ad groups, keywords, ad copy, and landing pages.

At the end of the PPC account audit you will receive a PPC checklist; a list of recommendations on how to improve your PPC Marketing. Many PPC campaign audits also include implementing the discussed recommendations so that the PPC Campaign is returned ready to start making you more money as you continue to manage it.

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  • Pause underperforming keywords, ads, landing pages

  • Enhance existing management processes

  • Balance budget with returns

  • Improve retargeting

  • Apply audience insight into account

  • Optimize dyanmic search ads

  • Set dayparting (time of day or day of week your ads are shown)

  • Decrease cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion

  • Improve quality score

  • Apply advanced ad options

  • Improve click-through-rates

  • Explore new advertising opportunities

  • Review accuracy and validity of goals

  • Improve account structure and hierarchy

  • Adjust account and campaign settings

  • Optimize device targeting

  • Optimize geographic targeting

  • Adjust bid strategy, budget and ad delivery methods


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“Regular PPC audits are essential for top-notch pay-per-click campaigns. Gone are the days of letting your account run on autopilot! A PPC account audit is the best way to dig into your PPC account and discover specific areas that need improvement. Our PPC audit services let businesses of all sizes see how they stack up against other PPC marketers in similar spend brackets. AdWords audits also show advertisers what is wrong in their PPC accounts, what can be done to improve the account’s performance, and the results that can be expected if recommended changes are made. Our PPC audit checklist includes a list of proven best practices for superior PPC performance: Be Sure Conversions Are Being Tracked (Properly); Review Targeting Settings; Assess Ad Group Relevancy; Check Number of Ads Enabled Per Ad Group; Dive into Ad Extensions; Review Keyword Match Type Settings; QA Your Negative Keyword Lists; Create Your Game Plan.”

Donald Kim
Senior PPC Auditor, 1st on the List

PPC Frequently Asked Questions

How do you conduct a PPC audit?

Our PPC Managers are experienced in reviewing existing ad accounts and identifying the areas with the biggest potential for creating improvements. We follow a methodical approach that analyzes your PPC Campaign at an account level and get granular from there in looking at campaign settings, ad groups, keywords, ads, landing pages, and more. All of our recommendations are placed into a PPC audit report for you to use as your action plan in updating your account.

Who will perform the PPC Audit?

PPC audit services are performed by one of our Senior Pay Per Click Managers who will review your PPC account and present the PPC Audit findings.

How long does the PPC Audit take?

Depending on the size and complexity of your Paid Search campaign as well as the number of Advertising Platforms we are auditing, PPC Audit Services can take anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks to complete.

What Paid Search platforms can you audit?

The most popular platform is Google AdWords but we can also include Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, and other accounts within your PPC Audit.

How much do PPC Audit Services cost?

The cost of a PPC Audit will depend on the size, complexity and number of Ad Platforms being reviewed. You may also opt for PPC training or PPC Management improvement guidelines which can affect the total cost. At 1st on the List, we provide fully customized solutions and offer affordable “by the hour” and “full audit” packages.

About 1st on the List

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Our client testimonials speak to our performance and care.

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