Guiding Your Visitors through a Seamless Purchase Transaction

Whether you use your website for “business to business” or “business to consumer,” your ecommerce website design will be a crucial part of your online success. Making your ecommerce site easy to use and helpful will ensure a great user experience. You must make it easy for anyone to navigate, purchase, checkout, and if necessary, contact you.

Site Architecture is Crucial to Ecommerce

How Our Ecommerce Website Designs are Superior

Website architecture refers to the technical design, layout, and function of your ecommerce website design. Whether you have an existing ecommerce website or you want a new one built, how well your website is structured will directly affect the user experience, conversions, and your bottom line.

  • HTTPS Site Wide Encryption

    When personal information and payment information is exchanged on a website it is extremely important to incorporate SSL HTTPS security to protect all aspects of user experience.

  • SEO Friendly URL Structure

    Help both visitors and Search Engines understand what each page is about and how your website and product categories are organized through static, descriptive URLs.

  • Intuitive Navigation

    With a proper ecommerce website design, all your website pages should be within one, two, or no more than three clicks of the home page. This will improve the user experience and increase the ease of making a purchase.

  • Mobile Friendliness

    Did you know that nearly 70% of smartphone users say they are more likely to buy from companies that have easy-to-use mobile sites and answer all their questions.

  • Well Categorized Products

    Make it easy to access and navigate through all your products with categories such as top rated, related, and recently viewed products, along with your unique categories.

  • Schema Mark-Up

    Make your products stand out in Google Search results with rich snippets (structured data). This not only helps Search Engines better understand your site but increases your Click-Through-Rates.

  • Fast Loading Pages

    Website speed is critical compoent of good ecommerce website design. Pages must be quick to load or else your potential customers won’t wait around…they will head over to visit your competition!

  • Trust Factors

    It’s important to incorporate trust factors throughout the ecommerce website design. You need to build customer trust to increase the likelihood of their purchase. Guarantees, return policies, product reviews, social signals, and more, help establish peace of mind when purchasing.

Take Your Ecommerce Website Design to the Next Level

Building SEO into Every Ecommerce Website

At 1st on the List, we think it’s important to build SEO into every ecommerce website design. See our web design portfolio page for prime examples. Search engine optimization is an additional cost but essential if you want your ecommerce website to rank well in the search engines.

Ecommerce Keyword Research

SEO keyword research is essential if you want to generate high quality traffic that improves conversions and sales. The key factors we look for in ecommerce keyword research include:

  • Relevancy –how well the keywords fit your brand and products
  • Search Volume
  • Competition– to determine ranking difficulty

Keywords that are less relevant and too broad tend to have a high bounce rate and low conversions. Also, the more competitive a keyword is, the more difficult (and more costly) it will be to achieve and sustain high rankings.

Ecommerce Link Building

Building a strong back link profile by getting related websites with high site authority to link to your website (link acquisition) will help build your referral traffic.

It is equally as important however, to develop a strong, natural internal linking structure. Internal linking not only guides the visitor towards making a purchase, it also helps the search engines.

You can use your internal linking structure to show page hierarchy to the search engines, plus what keyword terms you want your most important pages to rank for.

Competition Research

The top three rankings on Google attract over 58% of all the clicks and a #1 ranking gets over 36% of those clicks! The goal of ecommerce website design is to help you rank in the top three because every click is a potential sale.

Ecommerce is very competitive so it is imperative that you research your market. In order to outrank your competition you will need know what they are doing, what is working for them, and what keywords they are ranking for. Other important criteria include:

  • Backlink profile– who is linking to them
  • Website architecture– how well is their website structured
  • Uniqueness –What makes your ecommerce website design different and better than the competition

On Page Optimization

Among others, here are a few considerations for ecommerce on-page optimization:

  • Do your keyword reseach to choose the right keywords to describe your products
  • Optimize your anchor text to support your target keyword phrases
  • Create well written and compelling product descriptions
  • Ensure all your product descriptions are unqiue (avoid duplicate content)
  • Optimize your product images and image alt tags
  • Write optimized, descriptive, search friendly URLs


Annual Gross Sales Up 200%, Best Year for Organic Search in 10 Years

WooCommerce Website Design for That’s Coffee

That’s Coffee was facing year after year of declining website and traffic sales and long overdue for a new website. By upgrading their ECommerce website to the WooCommerce WordPress platform, customizing Product Schema, and meeting current mobile, speed, and security best practises this online coffee retailer is doing better than ever. Within 18 months of launch, the website has overcome a six year decline in traffic and a 269% increase in annual website orders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ecommerce Web Design

What is ecommerce website design?

Creating a website that allows for the smooth transaction of a good or service in exchange for funds and the buyer’s information over the Internet. An ecommerce website needs additional security to protect sensitive data, a product or service database that stores and displays information for each product or service, and a checkout process that collects the buyer’s information.

Which website builder is best for ecommerce?

This can be a complicated question to answer as it highly depends on your requirements and budget. For the most part, we recommend using WooCommerce in combination with WordPress to our clients.

How much does it cost to design an ecommerce website?

The cost to build an ecommerce website starts at $1,995 and goes upward depending on the level of customization, size of the website (including product database), complexity of product specifications, plugins, and additional custom programming. Once a WordPress website launches you will need to consider the cost of hosting, security, maintenance, and merchant processing fees if relevant.

About 1st on the List

2019 and 2020 SEO and Best in Search Awards from TopSEOs, Clutch, and SEMFirms

Since 1997, 1st on the List has consistently earned a reputation as one of North America’s Top SEO companies. For the past decade, we have also been ranked by TOP SEOs (an Independent Authority on Search Vendors) for “BEST IN SEARCH!

Ecommerce web design must be search engine friendly, mobile friendly, and user friendly. From keyword research to your site architecture, product descriptions, and on-page optimization, everything matters if you hope to outrank your competitors, improve conversions, and increase sales.

This article entitled Guide to Ecommerce Website Design also offers some great design tips.


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Start Your Ecommerce Website Project with Our Designers

Our SEO friendly ecommerce website design services will ensure your ecommerce site performs well in the search engines. By providing a great user experience, it will translate into more clicks, more conversions, and increased sales.

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