Client Spotlight: That’s Coffee

WooCommerce Website Design Case Study

Annual Gross Sales Up 200% since Website Redesign

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The Project

Start Date: March 2018

Project Duration: Ongoing

Investment: $$$$

In this Woocommerce website design case study we spotlight That’s Coffee. This online retailer of gourmet coffee specializes in 100% Arabica coffee beans that are freshly roasted in small batches prior to shipping. The company’s loyal customers have come to rely on great tasting coffee at a great price with fast shipping times.

With declining website traffic and sales, That’s Coffee was long overdue for a new website with a more sophisticated mobile and search friendly platform. Two big needs were the ability to integrate Product Schema to show in Search Results and to provide a simplified checkout experience for customers.

Since the new website launch and additional SEO improvements That’s Coffee just experienced their most profitable year yet.

The Strategy

  • Woocommerce Website Design

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Product Schema

  • Speed Optimization

  • Navigation Usability

Prior to the website redesign, That’s Coffee experienced significant decline in search traffic 4 out of the last 5 years. The client was at a point where they heavily relied on return customers to drive monthly sales and were not able to grow their customer base. Nothing the client did seemed to make a difference in attracting new traffic to the website.

With declining website traffic and an outdated website, That’s Coffee was at a critical decision point of closing its online shop or investing in a new website. This helped make them the ideal candidate for this Woocommerce website design case study.

The project was two-fold and occurred over two years:

  1. Launch new website in WooCommerce WordPress platform.
  2. Implement Premium SEO plugins for product schema.

In addition, our team focused on Site Speed Optimization and met the goal of a 2 second load time. Over time we were able to reduce the number of website errors in Search Console and have since helped monitor for new issues, as well as add new articles to the company blog.

Results Achieved

The timing of this ecommerce website design was perfect. That’s Coffee’s new website launched and gained much needed momentum leading into 2020 – just in time for COVID lockdowns across North America. Search trends for coffee related keywords skyrocketed as people needed to buy their own coffee beans and brew their own coffee at home.

That’s Coffee was ideally positioned for this increased demand for their exact product offerings. The website would not have been nearly as effective in capitalizing on the flood of new traffic if their website hadn’t been completely redesigned and relaunched.

Best Year for Organic Search Traffic in the last 10 years!

We can see several years of decline or little growth in attracting new search visitors to the website. After the launch of the new website, significant work was performed to improve the website further which paid off big in terms of additional search visitors.

organic traffic chart 2010 to 2020

From 14 to 461 ‘Top 100’ Rankings

The new website is garnering more and more Top 100 Search Rankings as the new platform and website changes build momentum in the Search Engines. Compared to January 2018, That’s Coffee now has 29 times as many Top 100 Rankings – and it’s still growing.

organic keyword trends chart for thats coffee website

Annual Gross Sales is Up 200+%

Not only have Gross Sales increased by over three times, the number of annual orders is up 269% and the total number of items purchased is up 255%. With just two months into 2021, That’s Coffee’s average gross monthly sales are up 31% from the previous year and a massive 294% from 2019.

average gross monthly sales graph for Thats Coffee


+ 500%

increase in Top 10 Rankings

+ 258%

increase in Annual Organic Search Traffic

+ 269%

increase in Annual Website Orders

+ 187%

increase in annual profit

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