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With a professional website content writer, your website will have an inspired, imaginative and colorful narrative that engages your visitors and puts the finishing touches on your new website design. We call it the WOW factor and believe that it is crucial for any winning Digital Marketing Strategy. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Your Website Content

Any new website design is only as good as its website content.

In fact, website content and messaging should drive every decision throughout the entire design process. The seamless integration of new website content into the new website design will determine how impactful, credible, and ultimately successful the website is.

Not everyone knows how to write content for a website and there is a lot at stake when launching your new website. We know just how high the odds are and we are here to help.

Get it right the first time with the expertise and creativity of a professional website content writer.

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Benefits of Killer Website Content for Your Brand

  • Create Brand Awareness

    Using a distinct voice helps your visitors understand the qualities that make your brand unique – this is paramount to creating winning content. Every word, sentence, paragraph, and headline is a chance to set you apart from your competition. Website content is a major contributor to the overall website experience and how your customers feel about your brand.

  • Build Credibility and Trust

    An expert website content writer can carefully craft a message that sends the signal that you are serious. You are a trusted leader in your industry with the knowledge and expertise to provide the solutions others need. You’ve put your money where your mouth is and spent time and resources developing website content that speaks to your visitors.

  • Forge SEO Strength

    Solid website content lays the groundwork for every successful SEO Campaign. In fact, most professionals will argue content must be your top priority when thinking about SEO.

  • Educate Audiences

    Every visitor comes to your website looking for an answer. It may be as simple as your office hours or as complicated as how your entire sales process and pricing structure works. When you hire someone to write website content, it is important to leverage your what is written to educate, inform, and qualify your potential customers and stakeholders.

  • Generate Demand and Sales

    As you establish brand awareness, build credibility and educate your visitors you’ll start to see demand increase. Visitors respond to your well thought out content and relevant messaging by connecting with you and spending their hard earned dollar with you.

  • Build Loyalty with Existing Clients

    Let’s not forget the opportunity your website content writer has to strengthen relationships with existing customers. Professionally written content will help them explore additional products or services and become better brand ambassadors.


Perks of Using Our Professional Website Content Writers

  • Get Your Visitors to Do What You Want

    Did you know the average website’s conversion rate is 1-3%? That means more than 97% of visitors leave without completing a desired action like making a purchase or booking an appointment. Your website content plays a major role in guiding each visitor to take the next step. Without the action you’re missing out on potential revenue.

  • Create Genuine Connection with Your Visitors

    Ever been on a first date where the other person just talks about themselves? It may sound counterintuitive but we won’t let your website content ramble on about you. Instead we will create content that speaks to your visitors’ needs, values, motivations, questions. By the time they leave your website they will feel understood and motivated to connect with you.

  • Maintain Consistent Messaging and Voice

    Your website needs to provide a seamless experience with smooth transitions from headline to paragraph to page. Having our web content writer create or refurbish content in one go ensures continuity and a polished result.

  • Meet Your Audience’s Needs

    Our professional website writers use keyword research, search behaviors, competitor analysis and their own experience to anticipate your website visitors’ specifics needs when browsing your website. These needs are addressed throughout all the content written for your website.

  • Lighten Your Load and Free Up Your Time

    We get it. Your list of To Do’s is likely a mile high. The question becomes, how is your valuable and limited time best spent? Handing off new website content or a content refresh to the professionals will free up your time to focus on your business.

  • Deliver a Fast Turnaround and Website Launch

    Don’t worry about being stuck with writer’s block for weeks and weeks as you feel the pressure building to launch your website. Our writers are fast and efficient – we do this every day – and rarely suffer from writer’s block.

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“After working with 1st on the List to create our new website, I couldn’t be happier with the results. After a few short months, we have already seen multiple new business leads come through and the number continues to grow each month. The design and layout are great and they kept the project well managed throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend using 1st on the List for all of your digital marketing needs.”

Bill Davidson, Owner – Raydar Collision Group


How We Create the Content Your Website Desperately Needs

  • Content Needs Assessment

    First, we will take a look at your current website and review the merit of refreshing and incorporating any existing content into your new website design. We will also identify missing gaps in content that we need to fill to meet your visitor’s full expectations. Finally, we will help you determine if any of your marketing materials could be leveraged for use on your new website.

  • Content Research

    Depending on the scope of project there are several areas our writers will research before putting the proverbial pen to paper, including your competitors’ websites, target audience search behaviors, and general keyword research.

  • Write, Write, Write

    This is where the bulk of time is spent. With each page we carefully write headings, paragraphs, checklists, call-to-actions, and more in order to craft your message in a way that will resonate with your visitors.

  • Feedback and Revisions

    Once our first draft is completed we will send it to you for input and then complete any revisions necessary to get it just right. Most of the time we bring it to near completion and just need your final feedback to ensure perfection.

  • Import into Web Design

    This is where it gets exciting – your web designer will take all final approved content and use it to fill out preliminary designs and wireframes. You’ll see your website come to life very quickly as words fill the pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes website content?

As an SEO company we offer a range of web content services. We have several experienced website content writers on staff ready to work with you. Typically, we aim for compatibility and select the writer with the most suitable writing style for your project.

How much does web content cost?

Our web content writing services start at $150 per page with significant cost savings when you bundle multiple pages into one project. Let’s talk about your needs and scope of work to get you the most accurate website content price.

Which content is best for website?

This a loaded question we can discuss with you. Generally, a combination of interactive content like written, video, visual and audio content will have a positive impact on your visitors. Depending on strategy we will help decide exactly what content is needed. In 2021, some of the most popular types of content include live streaming, videos, blogs, eBooks, infographics, charts, podcasts, and articles.

Can’t I just write the content myself?

Yes, you most definitely can! In our experience, we have had clients who provided great content to use on their website. We’ve also seen other clients who struggle with the writing or take a long time (months and months) to put pen to paper. Often, they still come up empty. Our recommendation for our clients is to put their time towards what they are best at. Usually, this is running their company, working on the job site, managing people, getting new jobs, and so on. Your experience is in your company. Our experience is in providing professional SEO content writing services and writing good optimized content.

Award Winning Website Content and Design Services

TopSEOs awards for SEO, Site Audit and PPC Management
CLUTCH 2021 Manifest for Top SEO Companies & Marketing Agencies in Canada
3 website design awards for 1st on the List.

We work on projects of all sizes! Our talented team of website content writers combine creativity with SEO expertise and readability in order to create the perfect message for your website. Let us tell your story.

To get started on the website design and content process, contact us online or send us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you!

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