Driving New Revenue for Local Businesses with Paid Search

Try local PPC management services if  you are not having success managing your own Google AdWords campaign or wishing there was a way to get more leads and new jobs each month.

What is Local PPC Management?

With Local Pay Per Click Management Services, we specifically design your paid advertising to reach a group of targeted searchers within a your specific area. By creating local search ads using a combination of local keywords, Google Map ads, geo-targeted ads, and other SEO PPC strategies, our PPC manager can help you achieve your primary objective – to get the searcher to call your business or visit you in person.

Did You Know?

  • Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in AdWords.

    Source: Google.com

  • Paid local search ads increase brand awareness by 80%.

  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something over organic visitors.

    Source: Unbounce.com

Interested in a 100% ROI through AdWords or increasing your brand awareness with local PPC management services? To get started, call us toll free at 1-888-262-6687.

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How Pay Per Click Advertising for Local Businesses Works

1. Kickoff

Sign up for a local PPC management campaign with no worries. It’s pay as you go each month with no contracts.

2. Get Acquainted

We learn more about your local business, local target markets, and primary services to promote in the search results.

3. Account Setup/Transition

Our local PPC management team will create or update your Ad account, which will be specifically designed to reach your goals.

4. Budget Allocation

We start distributing your monthly budget between your ads groups.

5. Campaign Launch

Your local PPC ads start showing in search to qualified searchers requiring your products or services.

6. Budget Optimization

Over time our machine learning system applies 24/7 tweaks to get more out of every dollar spent on your local PPC advertising.

7. Ad Optimization

We also adjust target keywords, ad copy, ad groups, and landing pages to maximize your conversion rates.

8. Monthly Reports

Each month you’ll receive a PPC advertising report outlining how your budget was spent and the ROI achieved.

9. New Leads

You can expect to attract new customers each month through your local PPC management campaign.

Have Us Design and Manage Your Local Paid Search

Is Local PPC Management Right for You?

  • You want a quick way to attract more leads.

    Your ads will start showing to eligible searchers as soon as your campaign goes live. As the ads run and you build your quality score the ads will show more often and you’ll hear your phone ring more frequently.

  • Your customers are in a handful of cities.

    You only do business in a few cities or a limited geographical region. By focusing on these areas with Local Google AdWords geo-targeted ads we can get the most out of your budget and make sure we are hypertargeting the most qualified searchers.

  • You want to promote a handful of services or products.

    The smaller sized budget means that we can’t advertise everything under the sun or else we’d be stretched too thin. These campaigns focus on two to four services to ensure there is enough budget to get the ad impressions you are after.

  • You have a smaller monthly budget.

    Typically, it makes sense for our clients to use one of our Local PPC Campaigns when their monthly advertising budget is between $800 and $3,000. Keep in mind that the average cost-per-click on Google is $1 – 2. With a local approach we can usually improve this significantly to make your budget go further.

What Makes These Local Pay Per Click Plans Unique?

  • Managed by our PPC Experts, Augmented by Machine Learning

    We’ve combined the power of human touch and AI to continually improve your PPC advertising campaign each day. Many companies use fully automated systems to run your Paid Search but we believe it’s beneficial to have an PPC expert help the machine learning along – and we’re more personal to interact with!

  • Low PPC Management Fees, No Markup on Keywords

    Many other companies roll their PPC management fees into your AdSpend making it hard to know what you actually spend on your ads each month. This is confusing and ultimately makes your end cost higher. We have a low monthly local PPC management rate that is separate from your AdSpend.

  • Flexible Budget and AdSpend

    We want your PPC management campaign to work for you. You’ll never feel stuck spending (or trapped with a contract) if things change for you. We can easily increase or decrease your monthly PPC budget in order to meet your needs. You can also pause your entire campaign for one or more months at a time if needed.

  • Quick to Setup, Fast to Launch

    We can have your new PPC Ad Campaign ready to go in as little as 5 – 7 business days. Our PPC experts take what we learn about your business and combine it with proven campaign results from hundreds of other similar businesses in similar industries for a fast launch. From there we run your local PPC management campaign, review the data, and continually make adjustments.

Local PPC Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started?

With your speedy co-operation we should have your Local PPC campaign ready to launch within 5 – 7 business days. Once you complete the agreement form, we can start your campaign nearly right away. You should hear from your PPC Manager within three days of completing your agreement and they will start getting the proper access and setting up your new ad accounts or transitioning your existing account.

Who will be working on my account?

One of our dedicated PPC Managers will be maintaining your account within our powerful machine-learning platform. They are also the person in direct correspondence with you throughout the duration of your campaign.

What should I expect after my campaign is launched?

Once a new or updated campaign is launched it typically takes 30 days for the Ad Platform to start showing your ads at maximum exposure. This is because Google often restricts your AdSpend so that your full budget is not spent in the first month as their way of testing out your ads and deciding if you are providing a good user experience for its searchers. You can also expect fluctuations in your impressions and clicks in the first 30 days or so as our machine learning gets to know your campaign and maximizes its performance.

How do you differ from other Local PPC Companies?

Our Local PPC Plans combine powerful artificial intelligence to maximize your campaign’s performance along with an experienced PPC Manager providing a human touch and overseeing the entire process and making additional adjustments. You get the best of both worlds. Our low costs, no long-term contracts, ability to adjust your AdSpend and no markup on keywords also differentiate us.

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More About 1st on the List

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1st on the List is a trusted Canadian Digital Marketing Agency with 22+ years’ experience in working with local businesses of all sizes across North America. As a small business ourselves, we recognize the needs of other local businesses and are always working to simplify online marketing and maximize results.

Check out our Case Studies to see how we’ve helped clients achieve their specific goals with local PPC management services and then contact us to get started on achieving your goals too!

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Let’s Discuss Your Local PPC Project!

You deserve to be found by those who matter the most – local customers in your target areas! Connect with our team to put a Local Paid Search strategy in motion for the first time or to take over your existing AdWords Campaign.

For more information about 1st on the List, or to find out more about our local PPC management services, please call us toll free at 1-888-262-6687.

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