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Link acquisition SEO involves acquiring natural links from authoritative websites. High quality links are generally more beneficial than acquiring links in mass quantities, which can put you at risk and get you in Google’s bad books. Not all backlinks are created equal. It’s not just a numbers game. Websites with higher quality backlinks tend to rank better.

Link Acquisition SEO Is About Who You Know & Who Links to You

The ability to get other websites to link back to your site is known as link acquisition or “Link Building.”

Google views natural links that point back to your website as editorial votes, an indication that your website contains valuable content that others deem to be worth sharing.

Search engines like Google rely on backlinks in order to find new pages, and to assess and understand relationships, popularity, and relevancy between web pages. They also use links to measure trust. Link acquisition, or “link building”, is natural link building that helps to strengthen trust, relevancy, and relationships not only between the pages on your website but also with other pages on the Internet.

Remember, link building must be earned … they can’t be bought, sold, or traded! To learn more, call us at 1-888-262-6687.

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How We Naturally Build Your Backlinks Without Risk

  • Initial Backlink Analysis

    We examine your existing backlink profile to identify its strengths and weaknesses in order to help formulate a link acquisition SEO strategy that will provide you with the biggest benefits. We look at important metrics like domain authority, anchor text ratios, link placements, types of links, toxic links, and more.

  • Competition and Industry Analysis

    Next, we perform a similar analysis for your top competitors, which gives us insight into where quality backlinks come from in your industry and what it will take to compete on their level.

  • Link Acquisition Strategy Development

    Based on the initial analyses and your goals we determine the best link acquisition strategy for your website, including branded vs. keyword anchor text, what pages of your website to earn links to (homepage, product pages, service pages, blog articles, about pages), the best sources for new backlinks, and more.

  • Manual Outreach

    This stage is highly customized and accounts for the bulk amount of work in any Link Acquisition SEO campaign. We determine who is worth contacting based on many factors such as competitor links, sites that would be likely to link, or accept content, and so on. We use our expertise to maximize the link acquisition results based on who we decide to reach out to.

  • Ongoing Analysis, Reports, and Updates

    As we work on your backlink profile, we are constantly monitoring your website. We monitor for changes to your domain authority, anchor text ratios, link placements, types of links, and more to ensure that it remains healthy and has the right composition to improve your website’s visibility. We also continue monitoring your competitors’ profiles for changes and new opportunities and keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Build Your Link Profile, Grow Your Brand Authority


Is a Link Acquisition SEO Campaign Right for You?

Used in conjunction with on-page SEO, successful link acquisition strategies can offer measurable success and help to improve your website’s overall authority with the Search Engines. You may notice the Search Engines crawling your pages more frequently, plus better rankings, more traffic, and quite often more referral traffic.

  • Technically sound website with optimized content.

    If everything on your website is optimized to today’s industry standards and you seem to have done everything to check off all the SEO Must Do’s, then perhaps improving your backlink profile will give you the needed boost in rankings and traffic that you are after. Backlinks are often the missing link for better rankings and traffic.

  • Hit with Google penalties in past and need new good links.

    Google has taken a harsh stance on low-quality and paid backlinks in the past years. The best way to combat any suspicious link practices in your past is to start generating new, natural good quality backlinks. Google generally ignores the bad and gives credit for the good – so start minimizing the percentage of bad backlinks in your profile with one of our Link Acquisition SEO campaigns.

  • Highly competitive marketplace or industry.

    If we think of backlinks as popularity votes then it’s important to make sure that you have just as many good quality (or more) backlinks than the competitors you are trying to outperform! You can’t passively sit back while your competitors are always earning new links.

  • Brand new company in need of building Digital Footprint.

    Backlinks are easy and natural to come by for large established brands and companies – but what if you are a startup or brand new to the industry? You will likely have to use a Link Acquisition SEO campaign to start attracting attention and getting other websites to link to you. To find out how, call us at 1-888-262-6687.

“In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”

Linking Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high-quality backlink?

There are several factors that impact the quality of a backlink including the website’s domain authority, relevancy, uniqueness, incoming traffic, and more. Within any Link Acquisition campaign we will look at your specific goals at hand and determine the best sources and types of links to achieve your goals. Over the course of your link acquisition campaign the best sources and types of links may evolve as your link profile changes.

Do you buy links?

No. All backlinks are naturally earned by our team through manual outreach. Buying links is a very dated process that is highly frowned upon by Google and risks getting your website a manual or algorithmic penalty that can be hard to remove. The costs associated with Link Acquisition are related to the effort required to earn a link – strategy development, content creation, outreach, monitoring, reporting, analyzing and further strategy development.

Do you disavow bad backlinks from my past?

Yes, we can help you with this process but generally find it more effective to focus on gaining a steady new stream of good quality backlinks to counteract the bad links. Typically, Google just ignores bad backlinks that may be from your past.

How many links will I get each month?

A natural link acquisition campaign will fluctuate in how many new links are earned each month. Sometimes high-quality links can take months to secure while others are quite quick. We focus resources each month depending on the size of your campaign and ensure a natural pace of acquisition.

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