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At 1st on the List, our focus is on setting and achieving attainable goals based on your market and your budget. We provide custom SEO services to develop long-term search engine optimization strategies that have strong potential for sustainable success. If you are new to SEO, Search Engine Land’s Guide to SEO is a great place to start.

Our core staff possesses a deep understanding of Search Engine history and how Search Engines work. Our 20+ years of experience enables our 1st on the List team to achieve long-term, stable visibility for our clients with continued scalable growth.

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Core SEO Services

1st on the List has two primary objectives when it comes to custom SEO services – to make your website more accessible to the search engines and more relevant to your customers. To do this, it is necessary to understand your competition, complete a technical SEO audit, conduct keyword research, and optimize both your on-page site content and your website’s back-end.

Our custom SEO services include:

SEO Technical Audit

Is your website set up and hosted properly? Let us conduct a thorough SEO technical audit and host server analysis of your website. The SEO audit will uncover and address key areas in your site’s back-end that could be affecting how the search engines find, rate, and rank your website. The search engine algorithms also use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to review over 300 different aspects that can hurt your rankings. Our job is to evaluate, discover, and resolve these issues, and help the search engines so your rankings can improve. Although not exhaustive, this Search Engine Watch article entitled, The 12 Most Important Elements of a Technical SEO Audit offers some additional information.

Keyword Research Services

One of the most important components of SEO is keyword research. It is critical to know what keyword phrases your customers are using to find your products and/or services. As part of our SEO services, 1st on the List will look at your competition, keyword search volumes, and keyword relevancy (how relevant your targeted keywords fit your brand and products).

Call us at 1-888-262-6687 if you still have questions about keyword research.

Website Optimization Services

How well your web pages rank is dependent upon how well both the front end (on-page) and back-end (source code) are optimized. On-page optimization involves content development to support the keywords you are targeting. It also includes improving the user experience with great navigation, page cross-linking (helping the visitor find the information they are looking for) and clear calls-to-action (CTA). Other optimization strategies involve technical SEO implementation including image optimization, improving page speed and page load times, minifying CSS and JavaScript files, simplifying source code, reducing HTTP requests, page caching, and much, much more.

Email us to find out more about our 1st on the List search engine optimization services.

Web Analytics Services

Another important aspect of SEO services is web analytics, which includes collecting and analyzing your website data. This helps us understand your goals, target markets, and key performance indicators (KPI). We look at Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). We also use various other third party web analytics tools to help us uncover what is working and what is not working on your website, so issues can be readily addressed and overall site performance increased.

To learn more about website analytics, please email us.

Natural Link Acquisition Services

Building a natural link profile using industry accepted best practices is essential to your online success! Natural links that are worth sharing add credibility and value to your website. The search engines like Google, view links as editorial votes and use links to assess and understand the relationships between your site and other related content on the web. Natural link acquisition helps to improve your overall site authority with the search engines and improve rankings.

Other SEO Services

In order to rank well on Google and the other search engines, websites must also be mobile friendly.
They must also be able to load fast and accurately.

Along with SEO consulting, here are some of the other SEO services
that 1st on the List can help you with:

  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Schema Mark-Up (Rich Snippets)
  • Reputation Management

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About 1st on the List

Over the past two decades (since 1997), 1st on the List has consistently remained one of the Top SEO companies in North America. We are good at helping websites attain first page rankings because we are good at helping the search engines find, understand, and rank your website above the competition.

Our custom SEO services can also be integrated into Ecommerce websites and WordPress website design.

More visibility, more qualified traffic, more leads, and more conversions and sales…we put you ahead of the competition and in front of your customers!

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