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Let’s bust the myth of SEO once and for all. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about doing two things. Making your website easier for Search Engines to find and evaluate and making your website more relevant to what the searcher is searching for. That’s it. To accomplish these tasks at hand your web pages need to be optimized so that they can be easily found, understood and ranked properly for the most appropriate keywords (or terms) that searchers are using to find your site. We’ll work with you to make your website more accessible and more relevant so that it ranks better, attracts motivated and highly qualified search traffic, provides more leads, conversions and sales, and ultimately improves your ROI and grows your business.

Local SEO

Get found in your own town or city.

Budget Friendly Plans for Local Businesses

You just want to be found for “service+city” type searches by people within close proximity to you. Read More

Regional SEO

Grow visibility in your city and surrounding areas.

Growth Focused Plans for Small Businesses

You want to attract visitors from cities around you and focus on long term growth for your business’ future.Read More

Corporate SEO

Get found no matter where the search occurs.

Strategic SEO Plans for Established Businesses

You do a lot of sales, employ a large staff, are in a competitive industry or all of the above.Read More

SEO Consulting

Get the expertise you need, when you need it.

Training and Consulting When You Need It

You have a Marketing team but need instruction or training to conquer specific tasks.Read More

How Will SEO Benefit Your Business?

As we help “SEO” your website it becomes more relevant both to what the Search Engines need to find in order to rank you as well as relevant to what potential customers expect to find on your website. Better rankings and visibility, more traffic, better user experience on the website and ultimately more leads and sales. What can more leads and sales do for your business?

Why Choose Us

  • Expertise and primary focus is SEO – it’s not an afterthought for us!
  • Over 17 years in the SEO industry.
  • 100% Canadian with friendly Canadian Support.
  • Sustainable results that grow over time.
  • No locked in contracts yet some clients have been with us for 15+ years!
  • Holistic marketing approach that adapts as your business grows and changes.

What Clients Say

After talking to all the SEO companies on the list, I came to the conclusion that 1st on the List was the best and the brightest of the bunch. And that has proven to be exactly correct! Everything that I had hoped for has been realized and our working relationship is very enjoyable. It’s been a true partnership! I am extremely pleased with the results and our company is looking for ways to further strengthen our relationship with 1st on the List.

~Brendan Duffy

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