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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Site Performance + Great User Experience = Improved Conversion Rates

Along with custom search engine optimization and local SEO services, 1st on the List also offers a number of other organic SEO services. These are designed to improve your overall site performance, which in turn, improves the user experience and your organic SEO ranks.

Page Speed Optimization

  • Nearly 50% of users will leave a website (and won’t return) if it takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • 44% of those who are dissatisfied will share their negative experience with others

You can’t afford to allow your visitors to have a negative experience because your pages take too long to load.

To ensure a good user experience, Google recommends that your web pages load in less than 2 seconds. Page speed optimization is one of the most fundamental organic SEO best practices that you shouldn’t ignore. Always put page speed and website performance high on your priority list if you want a competitive advantage.

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Mobile Optimization

Mobile website traffic now accounts for as much as 56% of all online searches, which has resulted in a whole new industry for mobile optimization. You must give your mobile visitors a positive experience. That means your mobile pages need to:

  • Load fast
  • Function efficiently
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Delivery media-rich content
  • Include great calls-to-action

Studies have proven that conversion rates on mobile devices can be double the conversion rates of desktop. In fact, Google only recently switched to mobile-first rankings, preferring to display mobile versions of websites to desktop versions. Add mobile optimization to your organic SEO efforts. Call 1-888-262-6687 for more information.

SSL Secure

Let 1st on the List help you obtain a robust SSL Certificate that also offers great technical support. When you convert your website to HTTPS (an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) it will help protect your website and your website’s users.

With an SSL Certificate, sensitive data such as user names, passwords, and credit card information will be encrypted. All data that is transferred between your website and the user’s connection to your website will have 3 layers of protection, namely encryption, data integrity, and authentication. We recommend HTTPS for all ecommerce websites and as part of your organic SEO efforts.

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Schema Mark-Up (Rich Snippets SEO)

Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing utilize schema mark-up, which is also referred to as “rich snippets” or “structured data.” Schema mark-up is a common language shared between search engines that will complement your organic SEO efforts. This code is designed to help you provide more detailed information to the search engines about your products and services. This can be additional information about events, places, products, services, your organization, or even about key people.

This “structured data” information helps the search engines to better categorize and index your website content. Quite often, Google will also display your structured data in the search results to help improve the user experience, which in turn, can improve click-through-rates (CTR). For instance, the structured data for a web page about a book may include the ISBN number, plus the author or illustrator’s information.

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Reputation Management

Sometimes there can be a big gap between how you view your company and how the public perceives your company. Negative content and bad reviews can be devastating to your brand and need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. In essence, reputation management is about shaping how your company is perceived by:

  1. Highlighting your company’s positive search results
  2. Quelling or supressing any negative search results

Like public relations, the role of reputation management is to address any negative customer feedback, bad reviews, or the types of online content that can be potentially damaging to your brand and business. How the public perceives your online business can directly affect your bottom line. Remember, Google only wants to display websites that will provide the visitor with a great, positive user experience. Help improve the effectiveness of your organic SEO with reputation management services that are simple, quick, and generate more 4-5 star reviews! Call 1-888-262-6687 for more information.

Call Tracking

Many businesses now implement call tracking technology as part of their organic SEO and performance-based online advertising efforts. The cost is minimal to add local or toll free call tracking phone numbers to specific web pages or certain marketing efforts such as Bing Ads and Google Adwords. The results show exactly where your inquiries are coming from, which can be tracked, measured, and shared with your sales department in real time. Call tracking will even help you measure and adjust the effectiveness of your online advertising strategies.

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Organic SEO Advantages

While diversification is now a large part of any digital marketing plan, obtaining traffic through organic rankings still outperforms all other online mediums. Bing and Google pay per click advertising, and obtaining non-organic traffic from social media identities like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are still important. However, organic SEO services are more cost effective and go above and beyond by helping to make your site more search engine friendly and more user friendly. And that translates into more qualified traffic.

Organic SEO methods involve optimizing Meta Data (and other tag attributes) plus back linking and supporting your target keywords through well-optimized, highly relevant web page content. However, the other organic SEO best practices listed above can help amplify your online success.

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