Create Faster, More Accessible PDFs for Your Visitors and Search Engines

Are you using PDF optimization techniques to their full potential? Does Google recognize and rank all the PDFs on your website? Put your valuable PDFs to work in a powerful way and boost your SEO.

PDF Optimization Enhances Your Existing Website Content

Our SEO experts approach PDF optimization from the perspective of both your visitors and the Search Engines. People need fast loading PDFs while Search Engines prefer to index and rank fast, text based PDFs with search-friendly components. We can help with optimizing all types of PDF resources on your website!

  • Ebooks and Whitepapers

  • Catalogs and Flyers

  • Instruction Manuals

  • Application Forms

Is it time to optimize the PDFs on your website or take a closer look at SEO Strategies. To get ahead of your competition, give us a call at 1-888-262-6687 and let us get you on the right track.

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Benefits of PDF Optimization Services

  • Keeps Website Visitors Happier with Speedy Access

    There are several ways we can optimize a PDF for Google Search Results. Our primary focus is to reduce file size and increase the speed at which your visitors can download the document. We also optimize fonts, images, and enable fast web view so that the PDF can be downloaded one page at a time rather than waiting for the entire document to download.

  • Ensures Proper Mobile Optimization

    We’ll make sure that your optimized PDFs are easy to access and read from any mobile device. With Google using a “mobile-first indexing” approach it’s important to keep PDFs optimized for mobile devices. This can mean left aligning content, opening the file in percentage view, and compressing file size. As you see your mobile website visitors increase, it’s increasingly important to include PDF optimization as part of your SEO strategies.

  • No Need to Download - Make PDFs Readable in Real Time

    In addition to traditional PDF optimization we can also embed PDFs right into your website so that your visitors don’t have to wait to download the PDF file. Providing this nice interface on your website keeps your visitors happy and lets them view any PDF directly on any page. They can then navigate, download or print the PDF as needed.

  • An SEO Tactic Typically Overlooked by Competitors

    Did you know that many websites simply overlook PDF optimization for more traditional or popular optimization tactics? Optimizing your PDFs can set your website apart from competitors and help you get more resources indexed and ranked by Google. This SEO service is quick to implement and can provide fairly immediate results.

  • Saves Valuable Storage Resources

    A big aspect of PDF optimization is compression. This means we make a large PDF file much smaller in size so that it takes up less storage resources on your website. If your website is home to several PDF resources, this not only can save you money but also keeps your website faster. In the 2018 Google Speed Update this has proven to be a major SEO ranking factor.

  • Makes PDFs Lightweight and Crawlable by Search Engines

    You’d be surprised at the number of online PDFs that are simply images, which means they can’t be fully crawled by Search Engines. These types of PDFs end up weighing the file down in size. PDF optimization includes ensuring the file is a non-image format and fully crawlable. The end result is better SEO and a faster website.


What’s Included with PDF Optimization Services?

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“Applying SEO techniques to your PDFs is a great way for websites of all sizes to continue making their Digital Assets as search engine friendly as possible – especially when all other basic SEO practices have already been implemented. Google can access, read and index your PDFs so it is really important – especially if your PDFs are content rich and evergreen– to make sure they are optimized according to current best practices.”

Michael Mitov
SEO Website Developer, 1st on the List

  • Ensure Text-based Content

  • Add Optimized Meta Data

  • Compress File Size for Fast Load Times

  • Create Unique File Name

  • Optimize Settings and Properties

  • Optimize Section Titles

  • Apply Mobile Optimization Best Practices

  • Optimize Internal Links

PDF Optimization Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to optimize a PDF?

In most cases optimizing a PDF means to reduce the file size to make the PDF easier to view and download over the Internet. It also means making the PDF easier for Search Engines to find, read, understand and index. In some cases, optimizing a PDF can also mean resizing the file so it can be sent as an email attachment.

Are PDFs good for SEO?

Yes! Your PDFs are likely full of useful and relevant content that Google has the potential to crawl and index. PDF optimization is one more way to improve your overall SEO performance. It also adds to the content Google finds on your website, which increases your relevancy and overall quality score.

Can Google read PDF files?

Yes, Google can crawl, read, index and rank PDFs posted on websites as long as they are not password protected or encrypted. Google first started indexing PDFs back in 2011. According to Google, there are currently hundreds of millions of PDF files in their indexing.

How do you rank a PDF?

Google says they will generally rank PDFs similarly to other web pages, which means you need to apply SEO best practices as well as proper embedding and linking on your website.

Award Winning SEO Services

For more than two decades (since 1997), 1st on the List has consistently remained one of the Top SEO companies in North America. We are good at helping websites attain first page rankings. Our custom search engine optimization and Mobile SEO services follow only industry accepted best practices. We help the search engines find, understand, and rank your website above the competition.

To learn more about 1st on the List or our PDF optimization services, please call us toll-free at 1-888-262-6687.

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