Develop In-House SEO Content Writing Skills to Boost Your Website Traffic

SEO content training pairs perfectly with marketing departments and writers. After working with our SEO Content Consultants you’ll have the know-how to produce SEO-optimized content that ranks higher, drives traffic, and creates conversions.

Learn How to Write Content that Actually Delivers Results

Struggling to know why all the content you place on your website isn’t getting you the results you desire?

Everyone says content drives SEO – but why aren’t you making any progress in your rankings? The problem could be the lack of SEO content writing.

To solve this problem, you could send your writers to expensive SEO conferences or have them undergo hours of “free” online content training OR you could maximize their time and learning potential by pairing them with one of our professional SEO Content writers!

Our SEO Content Training services are designed to help individual writers as well as Marketing Departments, Editorial Teams, Social Media Managers, and more, learn the critical skills needed to produce killer content. See our FAQs & PDF Files page for answers to some of the more common questions.

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Expand Your SEO Skillset Through a Customized Content Training Program

  • How to pick the “right” keywords for your market(s)

  • How to integrate keywords into your existing content

  • How to build content silos and new rankings

  • How to write optimized titles and headings

  • How to improve content quality and relevancy in Google’s eyes

  • How to optimize meta data for click-through-rates

  • How to properly cross-link pages on your website

  • How to check for duplicate content issues

  • How to improve conversions with effective call-to-actions

  • How to improve engagement with content

  • How to integrate proper branding into text

  • And much, much more


How We Teach You to Become Better Writers

  • Perform thorough content audit to identify strengths and weaknesses.

    The best place to start is for our SEO Content Consultant to do a full content audit to determine if any optimization is taking place within the content on your website. This ensures our SEO content training starts at your current skill level and builds from there. Don’t underestimate your writers – we focus on building on what is already being done well. Usually, there are several areas that are simply overlooked or not deemed as important that can give your website a significant SEO boost.

  • Develop customized SEO Content Guidelines specific to your needs.

    To improve the success of SEO and content creation we create a formal guideline package to distribute within your company. This part of SEO content training is filled with instructions and best practices on how to optimize all content that is published to your website and blog. This means that new writers can quickly come up to speed on what is expected from their content. Your existing writers also have guidelines to refer back to as needed.

  • Conduct phone and email training and consulting with writers.

    Our SEO Content Consultant will schedule training with your writers to help them understand the guidelines and provide opportunity to ask as many questions as needed. This helps build the confidence of your writers and make sure that they fully understand what is needed for solid SEO. Often times they can ask questions specific to your website – much better than entering a general query into Google and hoping the advice applies to your website.

  • Provide ongoing review and feedback as you practice SEO skills.

    As your writers learn how to integrate SEO into their skillset our SEO content consultant will review their work, provide input and pointers, and send back revisions. This method has proven to help train your writers to naturally think about SEO as they write.

  • Wrap up project or start a consulting retainer.

    There comes a time where your writers are confident in their SEO skills and can produce from start to finish optimized SEO evergreen content. This is the goal! We are happy to stay available for additional SEO content training or answer any new questions. We can jump into new projects or update SEO Content Guidelines for current best practices as the industry changes.

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“We needed to build a new website in a way that would be sustainable from an SEO perspective, as well as set up our content team to understand and write for SEO. In addition to this, we needed over 100 pieces of content and site pages QA’d and optimized for launch. 1st on the List Promotion delivered on all fronts. In terms of results, we saw a month-to-month improvement in organic search traffic, with several pieces of content ranking on the first page of Google. We were able to extend our brand awareness. Overall, we were targeting awareness in the local area more than sales, and that was successful.”

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Who will do the SEO Content Training?

Most of the time, one of our Senior Content Optimizers be assigned to your project. They come with years of hands-on experience in SEO content writing, optimizing client-provided content, and training clients on how to become better SEO content writers themselves. They won’t talk jargon around you – just straightforward, easy to understand explanations and direction.

How do you charge for your SEO Content Training services?

There are several options and we are flexible with creating a plan that works for your budget and organization’s needs. You may wish to purchase a set number of hours to train your writers or a more complete several-month package. We can always adjust our services based on how fast your content team picks up on the training and how their needs change over time.

How do you write effective SEO content?

We will teach you exactly this. Our training focuses on teaching you how to write for your audience, select the best keywords, integrate keywords and semantic phrases into your content, build a content strategy, optimize meta titles and descriptions for click-through-rates, and much more.

How do I find SEO keywords?

We will also teach you how to use several free tools and processes to sort through and select the right keywords to use within your content. Often, we look at a number of factors including search volume, relevancy, semantics, search intent, and more.

About Our Award Winning SEO Services

1st on the List is a full-service SEO Firm located in Abbotsford, BC with clients all across Canada and the United States.

For the last 24+ years we have helped hundreds of clients improve their website content and integrate SEO best practices into everything they do, and as a result, see their website traffic and performance sky rocket.

Check out our many reviews on third-party websites like and TopSEOs, or read about What Makes Us Different.

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We provide straightforward and and easy-to-understand SEO content training for all types of Content Teams working in various industries with varying constraints and requirements.

Let us help you learn current SEO Content techniques so you can support and sustain your website with every word you add.

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