Build Your Reputation With a Steady Flow of Customer Reviews

Are you looking for an online reputation management strategy because you lack 5-star reviews? Do your competitors have more reviews even though you know you’re better? Is there a bad review out there that’s hurting your reputation? With a reputation management strategy you can take a proactive approach to collecting and handling online reviews.

Turn Your Reputation Into Revenue – With Great Reviews!

Every day your online reputation is front and center for everyone that searches for your business name! If you have a negative review it will affect your online reputation and cause you to lose business. If you have no reviews showing up in search results but your competitors have good reviews, they are getting a good chunk of the customers that you could have had.

Not only do good reviews influence what searchers think about you, online reviews are also a major factor in PPC and Organic rankings! Search Results with good reviews get clicked on more often. Also, the higher click through rates send very strong signals to Google that your website is a relevant and trustworthy result. In turn, Google keeps giving you a more prominent listing. Great reviews can also help lower Cost-Per-Click in your PPC campaign.

Best of all reviews send you hot, qualified, pre-sold customers because buyers trust reviews. Consider this – 60% of people will read online reviews when making their decision about a local business. Make sure you have an online reputation management strategy in place!

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of online shoppers are more likely to contact or purchase from a business that had positive reviews (eVOC and RelevantView).


of people will change their mind about purchasing a product/service after reading negative information online, even if it was recommended to them (CONE Communications).


as likely to click or contact a business with ratings or reviews compared to business listings without ratings (


Benefits of Review Management

We make it easier than ever before for businesses to get more new customers and boost employee profitability. Our online reputation management strategy is a safe, quick, and simple way to build a credible 5-star online reputation. The goal is to build a reputation that will influence potential customers, without you having to worry about negative reviews. This strategy is designed to grow both the quantity and quality of online reviews in order to build exceptional brand equity that will remain for years to come.

  • Saves you time and money while improving results.

    We use software as part of our reputation management strategy, which will be fully integrated with your CRM database. It automatically sends feedback surveys and tracks your online reviews so you don’t have to. When a new review is captured, we’ll notify you via email. And since it can be set up to automatically survey your customers, it’s another task you don’t have to worry about anymore.

  • Asking customers for feedback is easier than ever.

    No longer will it be awkward or complicated to explain to your customers how to write a review. Our review management software will automatically survey customers through text message and/or email and capture their honest feedback.

  • Convenient for your customers to use - increasing response rates.

    With the use of text messaging, email, device detection and automation, our Online Reputation Management Strategy removes as many obstacles as possible for your customers to leave you a 5-star review. Your customers will love it and will be much more likely to leave a great review as we remove as many obstacles as possible.

  • Stop negative reviews before they hurt you.

    It is not impossible to please everyone 100% of the time. Our review system filters negative feedback and brings it to your attention in real time so that you can deal with it and “make it right” … before the customer even has a chance to post a negative review online!

Start Collecting Powerful 5-Star Online Reviews

Review Reputation Management Success Stories

Graphic showing 5 gold stars

Google Star Rating Increased from
3.5 to 4.5 with 491 New Reviews

Midwest Sporting Goods Google Maps display

Midwest Sporting Goods is a firearms dealer and gun range located in Lyons near Chicago, IL. With the goal of improving their overall online review rating on primarily Google, Facebook, and Yelp, our experts helped launch a Reputation Management Strategy to capture a steady stream of new reviews. The result is a significant improvement in their Star rating and positive online reviews for potential customers to look through.

+ 491

New Reviews Published to Google

+ 178

New Reviews Published to Facebook (170 are 5 Star!)

+ 3,809

Positive Feedback Responses Collected from Customers

+ 78

Filtered Negative Feedback Responses Before Posted Publicly

Online Reputation Management FAQs

What does reputation management mean?

Generally speaking, reputation management is the art of shaping people’s opinion about your brand and product offerings. More specifically, online reputation management includes monitoring and responding to what people think and say about your brand on various websites and social media platforms, as well as encouraging more customers to write online reviews.

What is reputation risk management?

The act of reputation risk management is protecting the good standing, trustworthiness and value of your brand from a variety of potentially harmful activities, including negative actions of employees, poor performance of products or delivery of services, and even harmful relationships with vendors and suppliers. Remember, your reputation is an intangible asset – perhaps your most valuable asset – and your reputation can be a risk or an opportunity depending on how you manage it.

Why is reputation management important?

Your reputation is front and center for anyone searching for your company name. It’s easier than ever to read reviews and in fact up to 90% of people read online reviews before visiting a business. Bad reviews risk turning away potential customers before you even interact with them. Positive reviews can lure even more customers to your business. Your online reviews and reputation also have a major impact on your SEO and Paid Campaigns.

Does online reputation affect SEO?

Yes. Googles uses the quality and value of your reviews and online reputation to determine where you should rank. Indirectly, a strong online reputation with reviews can improve engagement behaviors like click-through-rates which in turns improves SEO and rankings even more.

What companies need reputation management?

All companies should use reputation management to some extent. Local businesses likely need a reputation management campaign to monitor and respond to their Google reviews. Large businesses will need a campaign that interacts with customers and their feedback on a multitude of online platforms. Let our professionals take a look at your current reputation and help determine the right type and scope of reputation management program.

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Put Our Digital Reputation Management to Work Today

It’s time to ensure your business’s reviews are in good order and in abundance. Improving your online reputation can make YOU the preferred choice for potential clients and customers. Let us implement an online reputation management strategy right now and develop a safe and simple way to build up your 5-star reputation on autopilot.


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