9 Ways Hiring a PPC Manager will SAVE You Money

Is it time to start paying a little to save a lot?


How can spending money save me money?

Yes it may seem counterintuitive that hiring and paying someone to run your AdWords campaign can save you money but it’s true!

The skills and proven strategies that our PPC Managers have mean that:

  1. Your PPC Campaign will get the most return for its dollar AND
  2. You don’t need to develop the skill in house or take time away from doing what your business does best.

Read through the following reasons why hiring a PPC Manager can be more cost-effective than having managing a PPC Campaign in house.


They will know how to choose the best keywords.

Difference between browsing and buying keywords.

A PPC Manager knows the difference between phrases people search for when they are just
starting to search and phrases people search for when they are ready to buy. Which type of
searcher would you rather pay for?

Most cost effective keywords.

A PPC Manager will find a healthy balance between keyword phrases that get a huge search
volume yet cost a lot and keyword phrases that don’t get searched on as often and cost less.


They will implement and test conversion tracking.

Stop paying for keywords that don’t get traffic.

A PPC Manager will be able to pinpoint the keywords that just don’t perform as well as others.

Stop paying for ad copy with lower conversion rates.

A PPC Manager can track which ads attract more traffic and will continue tweaking and revamping ad copy so that you can maximize conversion rates.

Stop paying for ad campaigns that don’t generate revenue.

A PPC Manager can track new leads and purchases as a result of any Ad Campaign. A PPC Manager will then recommend which campaigns work the best and are earning the most revenue.


They will write the best performing ad copy

Not all ads are the same.

Even the smallest changes to text can make a huge difference in click through rates and the type of visitors you will attract.

Crafting great ad copy.

PPC Managers are experienced in writing ad copy that works and are used to staying within the confining character limits.


They will help create and optimize landing pages

Clicks do not equal sales.

Paying for a visitor is easy but getting that visitor to convert (buy, give their phone number, sign up) is much harder. If you can’t get the paid visitor to convert your dollar is wasted.

Turn clickers into buyers.

A PPC Manager will help you design and implement landing pages that get your visitors to take the action you want them to. Making tweaks along the way a PPC Manager will make sure you get the most money out what you’re paying for Paid Search traffic.


They can use advanced settings for your ad campaigns

Ad Extensions

A PPC Manager can help you get ad extensions which show extra information about your business. Some can be added manually and help improve your visibility, get a better clickthrough-rate and improve ROI.

Geographic Targeting

The answer will tell you the difference between an SEO that takes a paint by numbers approach and one that looks at your website to determine exactly what it is your site specifically needs.


They can use remarketing to increase your exposure

What is remarketing?

Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the web. The idea is that the more a potential customer is exposed to your brand and messaging over time the more likely they are to become a customer.

Regain lost visitors.

A PPC Manager may use remarketing to gain back visitors who have left your website in the past.


They will maximize the impact of your SEO Campaign

Increase organic click-through-rates.

A PPC Manager will work in conjunction with your SEO campaign to reinforce keywords that already rank organically. Studies show that when you use Pay-Per-Click with SEO there are synergies to be earned.


They will manage your local and global exposure

Grow your campaign over time.

A PPC Manager will help grow your exposure over time by setting where your ads are shown by geographical region.

Grow your campaign by demographic.

A PPC Manager can also help you grow your campaign and reach new demographic markets as you choose.


They will track all costs and maximize ROAS (return on ad spend).

Reports of all ad costs.

A PPC Manager will compile a report that breaks down your entire ad spend by campaign and ad group.

Track ROI (return on investment) for PPC.

By helping you assign a monetary value to each “conversion” you can compare the cost of each ad group to the return you are getting. A PPC Manager will help you determine the most profitable ads to continue running.


Practical ways a PPC Manager make life easier for you

You don’t have to deal with who will run the ads when your employee takes a vacation.

Our proven methods eliminate your guesswork.

Frees up your time to work on what you’re good at.

We’re always upgrading our skills so you don’t have to.

You don’t have to pay the costs of an additional employee to run a PPC Campaign.

You can easily turn off a campaign for a period of time without having to incur the cost of an in house employee.

You don’t have to worry about whether the campaign is being run as efficiently as it could be.

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