Technical SEO Checklist

The following technical SEO checklist outlines some of the key technical SEO elements we look at during a site audit, including:

Importance of Page Load Speed

Time is of the essence and this is one of the most important technical SEO checklist items to address. Your website visitors have little tolerance for pages that take more than a couple seconds to load. Search Engines also have a hard time visiting slow servers. It is best to keep your page load speed as fast as possible.

HTML Sitemap

An HTML sitemap is a page on your website that lists the complete URL structure of your website and includes links to all the website’s important pages. HTML sitemaps help your users find any page on your site quickly and is a very efficient way to distribute internal link juice between pages of your website.

XML Sitemap

A sitemap.xml tells Google about the pages on your website that it might not otherwise discover. Creating an XML sitemap ensures that Google can find and index all your site pages, and can display them in search results.

Robots.txt File

Robot.txt files tell Search Engine ‘spiders’ which pages are off limits to display in their search results. This gets rid of duplicate content issues and pages you want ignored.

Canonical URLs

Canonical tags is another important technical SEO checklist item. They specify your preferred version of your URL (ex. vs. They also tell the search engines which pages are the same, eliminating duplication and helping to transfer credit to properties such as PageRank.

Additional Technical SEO Checklist Items to Consider

Others elements that are included in our Full Website Audit that you should ensure are properly configured for SEO success include:

  1. Search Engine Friendly URLs
  2. SEO Friendly 301 URL redirects
  3. Proper internal link juice flow
  4. Proper host setup
  5. Proper domain registration
  6. Custom 404 Page

Need a Full Technical Website Audit?

If left unresolved, these problems can be the most detrimental to your website, overriding the success of any SEO campaign, even if your campaign is done well. Let us examine your site against this technical SEO checklist. We’ll conduct a Full Website Audit and provide a list of recommendations plus assistance in how to implement the improvements.

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