Website Content Best Practices & Guidelines

Below are some helpful tips and website content best practices to follow.

The words on your website have a major influence over how well you rank in the Search Engines (SE) and how well your visitors respond to your website.

Indexed Pages – Does Google See Your Full Website?

A fast way to evaluate how well the Search Engines understand your website content is by how many pages are “indexed” or recorded by Google and Bing as well as their Local search. These are the pages in their databases that can be shown for Search Results. Are the Search Engines finding and indexing all your content?

Keywords in Titles

It is important to have the key theme or keyword of each page in the title of each page. These indicate to Search Engines and your readers what the page is all about.

More Website Content Best Practices…

Ask yourself these four basic questions about the content on your website:

  1. Does your website have duplicate content issues?
    Google defines duplicate content as any sizeable amount of text that matches or is noticeably similar to content from within your site or outside sites. Google only gives credit to the original source of content; duplicate website content has no value for SEO.
  2. Does your website content reflect your keyword research?
    Your page content needs to include the words and phrases that your customers use to find your products. Make sure that your descriptions, headings and other text incorporate these important phrases.
  3. Does your content motivate visitors to take action?
    Unless your website content has clear calls-to-action statements (CTAs) such as “Call Now,” your visitors may leave without doing anything. Make sure your content speaks as powerfully as your best salesperson. After all, your content works 24/7 to sell your company!
  4. Is your content easy to read?
    This is one of the more important website content best practices to follow. Visitors usually take the first 8 seconds to scan the page to see if it has the answer they are looking for. Make sure your page has enough headings, subheadings, and bullets to make it easy to scan. Ask us about SEO Content Training.

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Be sure to follow these website content best practices and visit our Professional Website Content Optimization page for more valuable tips on developing great SEO content.

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