Keyword Research Best Practices & Guidelines

What is a “Keyword”?

A keyword or a keyword phrase is what we type into Google or Bing to get the product, service or answer we are looking for. Part of the SEO process is to make sure that these keywords or keyword phrases are well represented on your website.

Why is Keyword Research so Important?

Keyword Research helps uncover what phrases are the most relevant to how your customers search for your products or services. This ensures that you are visible in the Search Engines for the “right” phrases. If you show up for the wrong phrases, such as a window business only appearing for “extended handles,” then you miss out on attracting new customers looking for your primary offerings. Overall Keyword Research helps you attract the right type of visitors who are searching for the things you offer.

7 Tips for Picking the “Best” Keyword Phrases

Here are 7 practical tips to help you target the keyword phrases with the most potential:

  1. Consider all your product lines and brainstorm keywords within each category.
  2. Look at how many times a day or month a certain keyword phrase is actually searched for – is it 10 times or 100 times? Keywords with larger search volumes will generate more traffic.
  3. Look at how many other websites are listed for the keyword phrase in Google. What type of websites rank for these phrases and is there an overwhelming amount of competition?
  4. Ask your friends, “If you were looking for a product like this, what would you search for?”
  5. Try to avoid one word keywords and create 3-5 word keyword phrases to help better target your traffic.
  6. Make sure your keywords account for all stages of the buying process.
  7. Always keep user experience at the top of your priorities! Avoid stuffing your targeted keyword phrases into text where they don’t belong. The Search Engines know when you are doing this and you’ll drive your visitors away.

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Results Oriented: Go the extra mile to achieve results, strive to exceed goals and expectations and work to find solutions rather than focus on challenges.

Customer Focus: Understand client needs and goals, listen to what clients are saying, respond in a timely manner and ultimately derive value from satisfied clients.

Teamwork: Share information and resources in order to achieve outstanding results, be realistic and seek to understand others’ points of view and ideas.

Flexibility: Keep the big picture and end result in mind, look for new profitable opportunities and adapt practices to conform to changing trends and Best Practices.

Innovation: Challenge conventional thinking and learn from past experience and use it in the future.


Our primary focus is to help our clients set realistic goals based on their market and to develop long term feasible strategies that have strong potential for sustainable success.

  • As our client you will be assigned a veteran SEO Project leader with at least 10 years of experience.
  • Our proven SEO methods are based on our ability to perform Detailed Site Audits which identify deeper SEO issues and work towards correcting them before optimization even begins.
  • A deep understanding of Search Engine history and how Search Engines work enable us to achieve long term, stable visibility for our clients with scalable growth.
  • We protect your website’s integrity by following a Best Practices approach employing only ethical, industry accepted strategies.
  • The ability to explore the best options to grow your visibility in the Search Engines means that you will have multiple solutions for any issue we come across.

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