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WordPress Site? The Importance of Updating Your Themes & Plugins

Why update WordPress plugins is a very common question…more common than you might think. Keep in mind, however, that WordPress themes and plugins are software programs. Over time, these programs can become outdated, or the software developer may have released newer updated versions with better features or even bug fixes. So, the main answer to […]


How To Create Landing Pages That Convert

When done properly, great landing pages that convert can really add to your ROI. The object of any landing page is to provide a clear and complete path to a decision, whether that is a download, a purchase, a request for more information, or some other clearly defined call-to-action. SEO, pay-per-click marketing, and other online […]

Google Data Changes Clarified in Recent Statement

Recent Google data changes in the query reports obtained through the Google Search Console (GSC) has caused a lot of headaches for website owners. Google has taken note of the confusion and recently issued a statement in an effort to clarify these Google data changes. For website owners (and for SEO companies) it was evident […]