The Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Let’s face it, if you’re like the average North American, you spend a lot of your time on your smartphone. And, when you’re not looking at it, it’s within arms reach, lighting up or vibrating with notifications. So, that makes it an ideal platform for brands to get your attention.

Now, with so much noise and clutter in the digital landscape it is important to be smart with your mobile marketing. After all, you don’t want your efforts to be scrolled past, hidden or ignored.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a method of reaching mobile device users, in real time, offering them time and location sensitive content, deals and information. This form of online marketing consists of ads that show up on smartphones and tablets on a variety of platforms including social media, apps, websites, email and messaging.

Top Benefits of A Mobile Marketing Campaign

  1. This is not the future of marketing; mobile marketing is happening right now.
  2. You’re reaching people on the devices they keep in their hands
  3. You can tailor your marketing to their device, location or past browsing history
  4. You’re less likely to be ignored
  5. User response can be tracked immediately
  6. Mobile content is very shareable
  7. Mobile payment options makes it easy for impulse purchasing

So What Does This Mean?

If you’re looking to reach people for spur of the moment purchases or conversions, your best bet is to catch them on their phone. Ads in mobile apps and games, video ads, and mobile search ads are some of the locations you can choose to display your ads. In addition, with advanced technology, you can reach people where they are. This is ideal if you are a business that relies on people coming to your place of business, such as a restaurant. Imagine targeting people nearby your business with an enticing photo of your best dish. Offer them a limited time discount and you just might capture their business.

Mobile ads are relatively less expensive to make, are generally cleanly-designed and capture visitors’ attention. If you are looking to build your business following, consider targeting your potential customers on their mobile device.