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9 Things You Need to Know about Google Panda 4.0 (Google’s Newest Algorithm Update)

You could say it’s “PANDA-MONIUM” in the SEO community in the last couple days as Google just released the highly anticipated Panda 4.0 algorithm update.

As a website owner what do you need to take […]

6 Reasons You Can’t Survive Without a Mobile Site

This week a set of new statistics came across my desk.

Mobile nears two-thirds of time spent online by 18-24 year olds (source). 

As the up and coming generation is favoring their smart phones and tablets […]

How to Evaluate Your Current SEO Provider

Our latest eBook came as a result of three or four business owners calling us in the same week who each made similar comments about having stacks of reports from their SEO company but […]

Why SEO and User Experience are Two Peas in a Pod

One of the major themes in the last couple years in the SEO industry that is now critical to the success of every website is User Experience.

Google says their goal is to provide users […]

Which of These Marketing Hats Do You Wear?

Tired of wearing three, four or maybe even five different hats at once?

As a small business owner you have probably experienced the precarious juggling act of being your own Sales Team, Website Developer, Social […]

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency

Do you really know how to evaluate an SEO and what they can do for you?

You’re not alone! Over the years we have found that most business owners don’t really know what they should be […]

78% of Local Searches Result in This

Never underestimate the power of local search.

The recent 2014 Local Search Study by Neustar Localeze and 15miles suggests that between 61 and 78% of local searches result in a purchase, depending on what type […]

Content Marketing Lessons from Popeye and Duck Dynasty

Many businesses seem mediocre because they don’t have the drive to engage.

Log into Facebook and you’ll quickly see the trend that people consume content as images and videos. Statistics even show that images and […]

Do You Have a Set and Forget Outdated Website Design?

Do you remember these infomercials for the Showtime Rotisserie?


The tagline is pretty genius for marketing an easy to use kitchen appliance. But are you using the” Set It and Forget […]

Time Management and Productivity Tips from Our Office to Yours

If you ask anyone working in an office what they wish they could do better a common answer is likely “be more productive” or “manage my time better.” No matter who you are there […]