What is a Perfect SEO Page?

“Strive for progress not for perfection.”    (Unknown)

As in all areas of life we will never achieve perfection in SEO.

Just like we won’t look in the mirror one day and decide we have attained the perfect body there is always something we don’t like or something that could be improved a little more. There are always small tweaks, changes, and improvements to make towards making your website better.

In his article Distance from Perfect, Ian Lurie gives 8 characteristics of a “perfect” website that we should all strive to achieve:

  1. Visible content relevant to the audience and query
  2. Flawless user experience
  3. Instant load time
  4. Zero duplicate content (100% unique)
  5. Every page easily indexed and classified
  6. No mistakes, broken links, redirects, etc.
  7. No report problems or suggestions in Google Search Consoles (aka Webmaster Tools)
  8. Complete authority through immaculate, organically generated links

Notice that many are abstract destinations you can always progress towards but never arrive. As you work towards improving SEO and Website Design focus on making progress towards perfection rather than focusing on perfection itself.

There is not a ‘perfect website speed’ – just faster than it is now. There isn’t a ‘perfect conversion rate’ either – it’s just higher than it is now.

And if you think you’ve mastered perfection when it comes to SEO … just wait a couple months for Google’s ranking algorithm to update and you will no longer be perfectly in sync with what they look for when ranking websites.

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