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Generally you only need to worry if your web pages have too little or no text at all. There are far too many websites that contain little to no text. Since search engines are text driven (they can only read text) so having little or no text on your site becomes a huge problem. If you do not have adequate text content then the search engines won’t be able to rank you.

We recommend aiming for a minimum of 300 words per page. We have witnessed numerous pages with over 1000 words ranking very well also. You just need to make sure that, regardless of your word count, the page stays on topic (themed) and remains relevant.

Remember that you are not only writing your pages for the Search Engines to read but for your visitors to read as well. Put yourself in their shoes:

  • Are all 1000+ words informative and useful?
  • Would you want to read all 1000+ words on the particular topic?
  • Can the 1000+ words be divided into two or more pages to provide a better, more focused user experience?

The number of words on your page needs to get high rankings but also needs to convert the subsequent website visitors into customers. As a popular saying goes:

“Don’t worry about your word count; Worry about making your words count.”

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