5 Questions To Ask When Choosing An SEO Services Firm

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Hiring the right SEO Services firm can be daunting. Everyone has heard the horror stories of businesses who have hired the wrong firm, sometimes with lasting damage done to future SEO efforts. Or perhaps you have heard stories from businesses who haven’t been able to properly judge the work and efforts an SEO agency is doing for their fee. It’s hard for the average business to judge the merits of a company and ascertain who is and is not reputable. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top questions to ask when hiring an SEO services firm.

    1. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have Doing SEO & Can You Show Me Top Examples From Your Portfolio? You’re looking for an SEO services firm that has been around for years and has many examples of top search engine positioning and lead generation results in a variety of industries. Experience is backed by working knowledge. Through working in the industry, SEO experts go beyond simply best practices and recommendations and have developed an innate ability to naturally assess the situation.
    2. Do You Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Search Engine Best Practices?Perhaps you have heard terms like white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Search engines are regularly updating their webmaster guidelines and best practices. If you hear phrases such as “we use practices designed to trick the search engines” that’s your cue to run away.
    3. How Do You Measure Success?Reputable SEO services firms outline the targets and the goals and then send regular reports and updates. Things most will measure include: keyword positioning, website traffic, lead conversions, web visitor demographics, time on site and bounce rate.
    4. You Can Get Me To Page 1?  Ok, But For What Keywords? This is a big one! It can be fairly easy to get a website to rank for an obscure, hardly searched keyword phrase. So, many SEO people will advertise guarantees to get you to page one of the search results. There is no way to guarantee search engine positioning, and any company that claims a guarantee, you need to be sure you ask for what keywords, what search engine and for how long.
    5. Am I Under Contract & What Happens When/If We Part Ways?Many SEO services firms have established long-term relationships with their clients and are confident enough in their services that they are happy to either not work within a locked-in contract or can easily explain the process that takes place once you leave. Ultimately, there are various reasons why a business may need to cancel their SEO services. Best practices are for the business to retain their content, access to their website (if with the same company) and all logins/passwords for accounts.When it comes time to interview for an SEO services firm, make sure you have these questions, and the answers you’d like to hear handy. You can then base your selection standards on your needs to select an agency that is most likely to achieve tangible results. 

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