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Does the task of developing a new strategy for natural link building keep you up at night?

The truth is that good, 100% natural link building requires time, effort and creativity, but the end result is much better and much more long term than any other type of link you could acquire.


Your natural links must add value across the web:

  • Add value to the website that is providing the link
  • Add value to the visitor who clicks on the link
  • Add value to your website in the form of highly qualified traffic

In light of the value the question remains …

How do I build good natural links?

Over the past few months we have gathered some of the very best articles about natural link building from around the web; useful articles that are full of strategies and ideas that follow Google’s definition of a natural linking.

10 Ways to Use Images for Link Building

If your company has a visual website with lots of great graphics and photographs then this article at is for you. Trade in your old and dull contextual link building strategy and learn how to use infographics for linking, building your network on Pinterest and reverse image search to branch out.

10 Types of Unnatural Link Building Tactics +10 Quality Alternatives

This article over at Search Engine Journal seems to hit the nail on the head. Rather than just pointing fingers at the poor or unnatural link building techniques common in the SEO industry Corey Northcutt takes it a step further and offers practical alternatives. For example, in reference to blog commenting, Northcutt suggests:

“Blog owners / authors love comments where they can tell the comment author read their content and legitimately want to add to the discussion beneath it. By providing valuable, intelligent comments, you can make a good impression on the blog owner, content author, and other readers scrolling through the comments.”

Real Guide to Getting Links and Traffic from Trending Topics

This is a great blog post for companies who want to stop trying so hard to be popular on the web and to just start being popular (and trendy). As Bonnie Stefanic best puts it in her introduction, “Taking advantage of trending topics is a tremendous opportunity to net more links and more traffic for your site while using a relatively small amount of resources. Stefanic shares great tools for monitoring trending topics and practical tips for choosing, writing, optimizing and promoting your trending topic.

12 Questions to Ask a Prospective Link Building or Contact Marketing Client

We know that we are compiling this list for a mixed audience … both SEO and website owners. No matter who you are Tom Demer’s list of Internal Resources halfway through the article is a great place to start brainstorming new ways to pursue natural links. Can you blog, create great graphic designs, have non-electronic brochures, videos or charts you can promote? Sometimes the obvious answer can be right under your nose.

The 10 Golden Rules to Attracting Authority Links

Check out Rule #9 which seems counterintuitive … “Buy links without penalty”?!?

How do you do that without violating Google’s policy? Neil Patel suggests that you donate to a charity, pay an influential blogger to post on your site or to fund research. The key point here is that there is an exchange of value between both parties with a relevant connection…meaning that there is such a thing as an ethical way to “buy” links.

How to Gain Natural and Valuable Links from Universities

We all know that .edu links can be very valuable. But how do you obtain these types of links if you aren’t connected with Universities?

Webarts’ guest blog post on the YouMoz gives some great ideas of how some niche markets can provide value to University professors. Start thinking outside the box and apply these ideas to obtain links from .org and other authority sites! We particularly like the “give an award” and “find and replace a broken link” ideas. Be sure to check out the comments section as well….why not offer alumni discounts or sponsor a scholarship?

Using Passive Link Building to Build Links with No Budget

If you are looking for blog focused link building tips, this article is for you. Craig Bradford’s process for passive link building is based on the idea that, “It is better to give than to receive” and “Help someone out and it’ll be harder to say no when you ask something from them”. From guest blogger page, blogger networking and turning those spammy link request emails into something of value. Plus, Bradford reminds us, don’t forget about Rel=Author!

Complete Guide to Link Building With Local Events

Are you a business that already hosts great local events in your community? Be sure to read Kane Jamison’s article on obtaining links throughout the entire process of planning your event. Part 2 has great tips for finding sites promoting local events and, if you are advanced, Part 6 for tactics such as citation building and implementation.

Have you written a great article or have Unique Natural Link Building Techniques you use? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment or contact 1st on the List directly at 888-262-6687.

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