Learn more about the four major areas the search engines look at when to determine where you website will rank at

Which is right for your business Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Read and decide for yourself.

“Search engine friendly” website copy simply means giving the search engines what they come looking for. Learn more about writing copy for the Internet

A quick look at the different levels of search engine optimization and their associated costs. Website Promotion is all about finding ways to optimize your website so that it receives high rankings.

Where should a customer enter your website? Visitor stats reveal that in some cases up to 90% of visitors will EXIT a website even before entering it! That’s not a misprint.

An ideal way to present information to search engines and customers. Product Introduction Pages allow businesses to present visitors with information specifically associated with a product or service that the visitor or search engine is looking for.

The benefits of having good landing pages. With SEO landing pages you have the ability to provide detailed information about a specific product, including the make and model or you can provide more generic product information

What Search Engine ‘spiders’ can see and read on web pages. Search engine ‘Spiders’ are used by the various search engines to locate, index, rank, and list their findings. Within this article, you will find a few items to keep in mind about them when designing your website.

Search engine indexing spiders work primarily with text, visible HTML text that is. We tend to read differently from computer screens than from other offline print mediums. Basically we don’t read we skim read, ignoring details to better our reading speeds. For this reason website text content must be more objective, more concise and easier to browse through.

How targeted keywords can make your company more successful and more importantly make more money. Is it worth the investment and what’s in it for you? Return on Investment (ROI) is twofold: There is ROI of your website, and ROI of your advertising campaign. For a good ROI, both your website and your advertising campaign […]