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Instagram Explained in 5 Minutes

Instagram is the fastest growing social media site worldwide with 23% growth in active users in the last six months alone. Users can spend hours scrolling through great photos posted by their friends, favorite celebrities, brands and products, bloggers, TV networks, and more. There are over 300 million users who share up to 60 million […]

What is a Perfect SEO Page?

“Strive for progress not for perfection.”    (Unknown) As in all areas of life we will never achieve perfection in SEO. Just like we won’t look in the mirror one day and decide we have attained the perfect body there is always something we don’t like or something that could be improved a little more. There […]

The High Cost of Saving Money on SEO

I’ve been reminded in the last couple weeks once again at how many businesses are selecting search engine optimization (SEO) companies based solely on price. This simplistic selection method is costing them far more than they think! The process used by individual SEO companies varies so much from company to company that lowest price is […]

What I’ve Learned About Social Media

Recently a client forwarded us some interesting articles and thoughts on Social Marketing. The information included this statement that really stood out to me: People don’t want to talk about brands or companies, they want to gossip about their family and friends. What do you think? This is where we’ve always struggled with Social – […]