If you are considering an e-commerce enabled website, or adding a shopping cart to your existing website you will want to: – Ensure that you can maximize your organic search engine exposure – and ensure any existing rankings are not lost While some shopping carts are being created with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, […]

In order to attempt to understand how Google’s algorithm works and how LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is applied, you need to first understand where it all comes from. These concepts may sound strange at first but once you start putting it all together it begins to make a lot more sense. First and foremost Google […]

If you are currently using many of the popular search engine ranking and reporting software used by the masses then it is likely that you are receiving errors for your Google rankings. Now if you are new to SEO or internet marketing, then you may not know that Google asks that you “do not send” […]

This three word phrase is probably the most misunderstood phrase known to online website owners. Common SEO Misconceptions Some will say search engine optimization is all about how many times the targeted “keyword phrase” appears on your page. Others will say search engine optimization is about using the keyword phrase in as many different ways […]

The search engines are a great resource for information and they offer us the ability to have our web pages listed for free, but keep in mind that the search engines are in a multi-billion dollar industry. Because of this, the search engines are compelled to list only the most relevant web pages in their […]

The two main things that people use the major search engines for are research (finding information) and making purchases. The two concepts are driven by two distinctively different types of search phrases and mindsets. The Keyword Search Phrase Process The Internet is a tool that can be used to learn however, in this same concept […]

Good quality in-bound links have become more and more important in how the search engines rank web pages yet many website owners still have misconceptions about building links for link popularity and how links figure in their search engine optimization efforts. How the Search Engines View Linking Link pop, link popularity, page rank, PR, inbound […]

A major part of search engine optimization (SEO) is content development. Since the search engine robots only read text, it’s crucial to have good relevant content that supports your website’s main keyword phrases. The more relevant your content is to a search query, the better your chances that the search engines will rank your pages […]

There are a number of strategies you can use to improve your search engine optimization efforts, some of which include on-page optimization and how to avoid duplicate content issues. On-Page Optimization On-page search engine optimization relates to on-page modifications that assist your web pages in becoming more relevant to specific keyword phrases contained within your […]

When website owners refer to search engine optimization (SEO), you will often hear about keywords, content development, meta & title tags and building their link popularity. Rarely will you hear them mention server setup or how their server could be keeping them from ranking well in the search engines. You may ask “Why would the […]

A pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign must have the following: Budget, Keywords, Ads, Sales Copy and Products. The most common misconception is that having all of these will create a successful PPC advertising campaign or that the work, money and time needed to have these things can be done by the site owner alone, […]

What most people consider to be the “top keyword phrases” (related to any given industry) are those phrases that make up over 80% of all the online searches related to that industry. These “top keyword phrases” are generally the most sought after because they generate a lot of traffic, but does more traffic equate to […]

There are two things that people use the major search engines for; Research (finding information) And making purchases (finding products or services) These two concepts are driven by two distinctively different types of search phrases and mindsets. The internet is a tool that can be used to learn. In this same concept, in your search […]

Now that you have identified why your web pages were moved to Google’s omitted results and how to correct the problem; it’s time to ensure that you keep them out.  Below are a few good pointers for moving forward and keeping your web pages out of Google’s Omitted Results. If you use a Dynamic Web […]

Are omitted pages within Google’s search results preventing your website from gaining the organic search engine exposure that you deserve on Google? In order to maximize your search engine rankings you need to have content (web pages) that are recognized by the search engines. Each of those pages has the potential to rank within the […]

Somewhere throughout life you’ve probably heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket“. This axiom is as true for your Internet marketing strategy as it is for anything else. A mix of various forms of online advertising combined with website analytics will allow you to test for measuring conversions, tracking ROI and […]

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Internet marketing in Canada may be defined as any form of online marketing strategy done via the internet (or the World Wide Web) that supports a website’s marketing efforts. Banner ads were first used in 1993 and in the one and a half decades since, many various types of internet marketing strategies have evolved including: […]

Often times you hear people refer to “keyword density” when talking about search engine optimization. Keyword Density Keyword density refers to how often a phrase is mentioned throughout the content of a web page in contrast to the total number or words within the page. Search engine optimization specialists who offer professional SEO services generally […]

Regional search engine optimization in Canada and the U.S. encompasses: Canadian companies and website owners who utilize search engine optimization and professional SEO services and strategies to target local Canadian and U.S. markets. U.S. companies and website owners who utilize search engine optimization and professional SEO services and strategies to target local U.S. markets and/or […]

Optimizing Landing Pages with Titles, Headings, Links, Etc Onsite optimization (or on-page optimization) are changes to your web landing pages that help the search engines to see how relevant the targeted “key” words (your targeted keyword phrases) are to your web site. Onsite optimization of your web site landing pages addresses an important issue found […]