Are you looking to take your website’s SEO to the next level?

As it becomes more common for websites to incorporate basic SEO practices such as meta tags it becomes harder to differentiate yourself in the Search Engines. Everyone is using the exact same skill set to achieve that coveted first place ranking.

The opportunity to be an early adopter of Advanced SEO practices can set you apart and make your website much more Search Engine Friendly and User Friendly.

What are Advanced On Page SEO Techniques?

Our advanced search engine optimization techniques are based on SEO best practices recommended by Google and include:

  1. Microdata Markup
  2. Rich Snippet Integration
  3. Open Graph Protocol
  4. Google Authorship for Blogs

1. Mark Up Your Content with Microdata

Example how applying Schema produces SERP's that stand out!

As the recommended markup format by Google, Microdata can be a huge differentiating factor on your website that sets you apart from the competition in the Search Engines.

Without the help of markup Search Engines must use their artificial intelligence to interpret and index what your content means.

We will help you take control of the indexing process by using Schema to tell the Search Engines exactly what is on your pages and how to read your pages. Areas of content that we will help you mark up for the Search Engines to better understand include:

  • Products
  • Businesses and Organizations
  • People
  • Events
  • Videos

While using markup on your website’s content won’t affect your page’s rankings in search results it does have several other optimization benefits:

  • Helps your website’s content to be better understood by Search Engines
  • Helps the Search Engines go deeper into your pages
  • May help get more pages showing in the SERPs
  • Improves searcher experience

For more information read our article
How to Use Markup for SEO

2. Get Rich Snippets in Your Search Results

Once we help implement Microdata to your website’s HTML source code the Search Engines will begin to render Rich Snippets in the its search results.

When displayed in Search Results rich snippets will help:

  1. Draw searcher’s attention to your result
  2. Provide information directly related to search query
  3. Increase Click-Through-Rate to your website

The next time you use Google for a search watch for rich snippets that can include 5-Star ratings, product images, list of prices, client reviews and more.

Let us help your website perform in the Search Engines with rich snippets that can potentially increase organic traffic by as much as 20 – 30%!

3. Implement Open Graph Protocol for Facebook

Open Graph Protocol is a form of HTML markup that adds your website’s content to Facebook’s social graph in the form of rich snippets. It allows your website to take on a new social function for the 900+ million users on Facebook.

Many predict that as Open Graph improves the functionality of Facebook Search we could see Facebook rival Google and become a dominant competitor in search. No longer will you need to worry about optimizing your website for Google and Bing but you also need to think about Facebook.

Already we are seeing Facebook driving more traffic to sites for some types of searches (particularly social searches) than Google.

By using Open Graph Protocol to connect your website to Facebook we will help position you strongly for success in Facebook’s extensive and highly interactive search engine.

For more information visit our article
Open Graph Protocol for Facebook SEO.

4. Establish Credibility with Google Authorship

Google Authorship is quickly becoming the hottest blogging best practice in which all of an author’s articles are linked and credited to their personal Google+ Profile.

This is because Google has recently increased its efforts to eliminate low quality and recycled content that gets published across the web. By adding the extra step of linking the articles on your blog to its proper author you establish and verify your credibility with Google. Learn more about Natural Link Building.

One of the most popular benefits of Authorship is the author’s picture shown beside the article listed in Search Results, which helped improve click-through-rates and promoted other articles written by the author. Recently Google removed this feature to simplify the way authorship is shown in mobile and desktop search.

There are still benefits to Authorship including building author trust and credibility, and experts still believe that Authorship is essential if you want your blog articles to get credit and to rank well.

Many predict that being publicly connected to your blog will be necessary in the future, especially for big brands and for more SEO savvy industries where competition to reach the top of Search Engines is fierce.

If you have a company blog you need Authorship.

More About Our Advanced SEO Services

Be the first one to integrate several new “Best Practices” recommended by Google and Bing!

By recognizing and acting on trends in the online marketing world you can stay one step ahead of your competition!

All of these Advanced SEO services are available as stand alone services or can be integrated as part of the SEO Optimization Techniques we utilize, which includes our comprehensive Site Audit, Keyword Research and Onsite Optimization.

Still in the beginning stages of SEO? Use our Free SEO Analysis Tool to determine the most important areas to address first before using these advanced techniques.

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