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A good SEO strategy encompasses more than simply ranking for the best keywords. After all, a website can be more than simply a tool for information, it can be used to convert traffic into leads.

What is Lead Generation?

When it comes to your website, what do you want to measure? If a business has an e-commerce platform, its ideal leads are orders through their shopping cart. For businesses that do not sell products online, they generally count a lead as a contact, whether that comes in the way of a form fill-out, a newsletter sign-up, an email, a phone call or a business visit.

At 1st On The List, we know that the majority of a website’s good leads come from organic search traffic. The process of ‘SEO’ allows us to find out what people are searching for online that relates to your products or services, lead them to your website, entice them with good content and then convert them to a lead.

Our SEO is backed by a tried-and-true process that includes extensive and regular keyword research, content that helps people with what they’re looking for, and clear calls to action.

How Many Leads Should I Expect to Receive?

Well, the answer to this varies depending on your industry, the volume of searches and your target audience. In fact, it can often take a website visitor three or four visits before they fill in a form, contact you or sign up for your email newsletter. In addition, they often visit a few other websites as well.

In order for a person to ‘give up’ their contact info, they expect something in return. In most cases, a healthy dose of industry advice and content is a good start.

Why Do My Leads Fluctuate?

So, let’s say you’re getting a lead a day for a couple of weeks and then all goes silent again. You might jump to the conclusion that your website is broken or that you’ve fallen off the search results. But more often than note, leads fluctuate because of something entirely different.

Conversions are dependent on customer intentions. If a website has a relatively low traffic volume, they are very susceptible to lead fluctuation based on a website visitor’s intentions.

Time of the day, week or year. Some businesses see a typical cycle of lead generation. For some they will notice most conversions happen at night or in the morning, or at noon while people are on their lunch breaks. Others might notice they get nothing on Wednesdays. And others find certain months, time of the month or even times of the year will generate more conversions than others.

Here’s What You Need To Know

Our team regularly audits your conversions, your website tracking and functions and your rankings in the search results. Drops in conversions are rarely due to website function or ‘SEO’. In fact, almost 100% of the time, it’s due to the visitor and their intention.

Often, when we notice conversions have gone quiet for a period of time, it picks right back up a few days or weeks later. Once again, this is because not all visitors will ‘buy’ on their first or second visit. In fact, if you open up your conversion window to a wider timeframe, you may even notice an increase in visits, rather than the decrease you’ve noticed in the short term.

Getting a predictable flow of new business online can be challenging, especially for some businesses and industries. The best source of new business does come from organic search results, which means an SEO plan is the ideal way to ensure steady, targeted traffic to your website.

About 1st on the List

Located just outside Vancouver, BC, Canada, 1st on the List is a boutique SEO Company that has been offering search engine optimization, pay per click, and SEO web design services since 1997.

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Michelle Collie has been working with Search Engine Optimization since 2000. As an SEO content specialist, Michelle enjoys creating content marketing strategies with a focus on content that is highly optimized for the search engines and the website visitor. Whether it is a new page of content, an updated section on a website or a series of blog posts, Michelle understands the important role continuously updating content will play in your online success. Your content tells your brand story, generates leads and becomes the online voice for your business. One of the aspects Michelle loves most about content creation is getting an in-depth knowledge on a variety of industries.