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Do you remember these infomercials for the Showtime Rotisserie?


The tagline is pretty genius for marketing an easy to use kitchen appliance. But are you using the” Set It and Forget It” mantra for your website?

If you built your website years ago and think it’s still good enough chances are you have an outdated website on your hands. Outdated website design, features and content could be costing you a hefty price in lost customers and missed opportunity.

Businesses keeping their websites current to today’s SEO standards and current with user trends and expectations are reaping the rewards.

Here are a number of key indicators that your website falls into the “set it and forget it” trap. Is it time to upgrade your web presence and get your website working for your company again?

  • You have a blog but its newest entry is over a year old.
  • You have outdated website content that advertises products or services that are no longer offered.
  • Your site is missing many of your newest products and services.
  • Your site still uses outdated website design features such as flash or animated graphics from the 1990’s.
  • Your site is clunky and unusable on a mobile phone.
  • Your site doesn’t really tell the visitor what you do or why they should choose you over your competition.
  • Your site loads an automated introduction that must play before the visitor can get to the homepage.
  • Your site uses stock photography rather than actual images of your employees and business (read about how your picture can build trust).
  • Your site doesn’t list current hours, phone number or email addresses.
  • Your site has automated popup windows.
  • Your site has obscure color contrast such as a black background and white font or dark blue background and grey font.
  • Your site takes more than 2 seconds to load (read more about how website speed affects SEO).
  • Your site is very difficult to update and involves calling the web developer and paying hefty hourly fees.
  • Your site visitors are only visiting your homepage.
  • Your overall website traffic is steadily declining over time.
  • Your site has certain areas that no longer work or never worked.
  • Your site isn’t even indexed by Google (go to and type in” to see)
  • Your footer has an old copyright year.
  • You haven’t had a lead from your website in over a year.
  • You have to apologize to your customers about the dated website.

If you answered yes to several of the above questions there is no need to panic. Did you know that our WordPress Website Redesign packages are actually quite affordable? We can give your brand new fresh looking, fully functional website that has all the information your visitors will need. It comes mobile responsive and we will even teach you how to add new content yourself so you don’t have to rely on us to do it all the time.

The bottom line is that a website isn’t something you just set and forget, you need to constantly be updating it with new information, staying in line with modern design trends and always looking for ways to give your visitors what they want.

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Chris Genge

Chris Genge is the Founder and CEO of 1st on the List. Since 1997 he has helped hundreds of companies across North America with his technical expertise and practical upfront approach to Search Optimization and Digital Marketing. As a pioneer in his field, Chris has the ability to help clients set goals and achieve results all while fostering growth and teamwork amongst his incredible team of SEO experts and Web Designers.