One of the most important aspects of professional Vancouver SEO Services is keyword research.

Most website owners are not aware of the actual search terms (or words) searchers use to find their websites.

  1. Can you find your web pages on Google, Bing or Yahoo?
  2. What “words” or phrases are you typing into the search engines to find your website?
  3. What “key” words are your customers using to find you online?

SEO keyword analysis will help you understand what words people use when they do a search for what you have to offer.

How SEO Keyword Research Can Help

  • Help you understand what motivates your customers
  • Reveal niche markets, products and services that are “in demand”
  • Reveal the best keyword terms and phrases to utilize in your search engine optimization strategies
  • Reveal seasonal and changing market demand
  • Allow you to target your products and services for what searchers are actively seeking

The Most Relevant vs Most Popular Keywords

The most popular keywords (and/or the most searched keywords) are not always the most relevant or best choices for keyword optimization. Remember, quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

Contrary to what some people might think, the most popular keywords:

  • Are not necessarily the most relevant
  • Generally have a lot more competition
  • Require a lot more resources to attain and maintain
  • Tend to attract a lot of non-relevant website traffic
  • Can often bring the lowest return on investment (ROI)

Our Keyword Research services help you identify the most popular keywords and then select the most relevant keywords for SEO.

Specific, More Targeted Keyword Phrases

We recommend professional SEO keyword research services to help you uncover more specific, targeted keyword phrases; words that searchers actually use to find your website.

When a searcher types in a phrase to conduct a search, the more specific that keyword phrase is, the closer that searcher is to making a buying decision. Why…because by that time they know exactly what they want.

For instance, a searcher that types in a long tail keyword phrase like “search engine optimization services” is much more motivated and more likely to make a purchase than someone using a generic search term like “optimization“.

Keyword Optimization – Support Your Keywords with Your Content

If your “top search keywords” that you hope to be found for are not currently supported in the content of your site, your web pages will never be found.

Keyword research is critical for choosing keywords to target. We study the statistics to determine how often specific keyword phrases are searched for and what kind of competition each keyword phrase has.

Once you have chosen your keyword phrases, you will need to Optimize Your Site Content to make sure your targeted keywords are properly supported on your site.

Ask Us About SEO Keyword Research Services

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