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Do you really know how to evaluate an SEO and what they can do for you?

You’re not alone! Over the years we have found that most business owners don’t really know what they should be looking for or how to ask the questions most critical to finding the right fit SEO for their business.

In this eBook we candidly outline the 14 most important questions you should ask any SEO company and explain the importance of each. We then outline what type of answer you should expect from an honest and successful SEO.

For example, you may think guaranteed rankings in 30 days sounds good but did you know that Google warns you to beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings?

Or do you know the different options of how an SEO may measure the success of your campaign and which metrics have your best interest in mind?

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Carissa Krause

Carissa Krause is currently a marketing and project specialist at 1st on the List. Over the years she has worked with clients on a wide range of projects that include areas like local SEO, backlink profile review, content development, social media, and more. Whatever the project may be Carissa focuses on achieving greater efficiencies and putting plans into action.