Keyword Rankings

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Keyword rankings are not always stable. In fact, especially when a website or piece of content is initially launched, the page will move around in the search rankings for various popular and related keyword phrases.

You may notice that eventually, you settle a few pages in, only to move page by page fairly quickly, until you get to the first couple of pages of ranking results.

Once you’ve landed in the top 10, 20 or 30 for a popular, competitive keyword phrase, moving further up the ranks can be slow-going.

Generally, the top results are usually employing an SEO strategy, have the benefit of being their longer, and have tried and tested content that visitors seem to like. Generally, you’ll have to work harder to take their spot.

Patience, a solid multi-channel marketing campaign, excellent content, ongoing SEO edits, and even more patience is what it takes to move to the top.

Tip: While you’re waiting for the slow-moving keywords to break the ceiling, work on content optimized for long-tail keywords or less competitive searches. Cumulatively, these can work together to increase your traffic which can also help any stagnant or slow-moving keywords, too.