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Pay Per Click and Google AdWords Blog Archives

Browse 1st on the List’s blog articles about Pay Per Click Advertising on platforms such as Google AdWords. This PPC blog section features details on PPC marketing strategies, ad retargeting, PPC management, differences between PPC and SEO, basic PPC terms, benefits of PPC marketing and more.

Stay Up To Date with All the New Features in Google AdWords

Last week Google released a new helpful AdWords resources in their Help Center to keep you informed on all the new AdWords updates and tools and to help you understand how they work.

Check out the official Features of Google AdWords page and don’t miss out!

The latest updates on Google AdWords for February 2015 so far […]

3 Pay Per Click Marketing and SEO Strategies

While large corporate companies have the funds to allocate a substantial monthly budget to pay per click marketing many smaller businesses struggle to come up with the funds.

Does this mean that if you are a small business or a company on a limited budget that you can’t use pay per click marketing? No.

There are […]