Most website owners have a basic understanding of search engine optimization. They understand that it is needed and vitally important to their online success.

Few however fully comprehend what the necessary SEO steps are to optimize their website properly.

We employ an exhaustive SEO process and strategy. Below is an outline of the SEO steps we take as part of our award winning SEO Optimization Services.

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Steps of SEO

1. SEO Site Analysis and SEO Server Review

Practically all our search engine optimization services begin with an SEO Site Check and Host Server Review.

SEO Step 1 includes:

  • SEO SITE ANALYSIS – It is imperative to conduct an SEO site check to ensure your website has good, clean source code and is set up and working properly. We look for anything that might be considered deceptive or spam and ensure that there is nothing on the frontend or the backend of your website that may be causing issues with the search engines such as duplicate content, slow loading pages and broken links (among others).
  • HOST SERVER REVIEW – We also conduct a web host server analysis to ensure that your web host server is properly set up and functioning reliably. We look to see that your host server is configured properly with the proper firewall setup. We also check that your host server is reliable and can be easily crawled by the search engines.

This vital stage addresses any issues that could diminish or prevent the results we want to achieve and also help create a prioritized strategy that will help you get the most bang for your buck in your SEO campaign.

2. SEO Keyword Research

SEO Step 2 is called “Keyword Research”, where we utilize professional SEO tools to determine what the keywords or actual search terms are that searchers are using to find your website.

SEO keywords are carefully chosen based on:

  1. Search volume
  2. The number of competing pages
  3. How relevant they are to your products and services

Targeting the proper keywords (ie. the actual terms that searchers use to find your website) will help bring better quality traffic to your website. This is the traffic that is more likely to convert into customers.

3. Optimize Website Content

SEO Step 3 involves SEO Content Writing and Optimization Services. Optimizing your web page content is essential to ensure that the keywords you have chosen to target are properly supported on your website

Some of the key areas of your website that we focus on to optimize for your targeted keyword phrases include:

  • Page Source Code
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Meta Data
  • Alt Tags (such as image alt tags)
  • Page headings and sub-headings
  • Onsite link development
  • Sitemap creation
  • Body text content**
  • Optimization training so your staff can write great content too

**During the website search engine optimization process we will look at two options for optimizing body text content:

  1. Optimize your existing page content
  2. Or create new pages to further support your chosen keyword terms

4. Natural SEO Link Optimization Services

SEO Step 4 involves two areas of SEO Natural Link Building Services designed to boost the credibility and popularity of your website:

  1. Conducting an internal link analysis and site link check to improve your internal linking structure and optimize your pages are connected.
  2. Conducting an inbound link analysis to determine the quantity and quality of inbound links in your backlink profile and how your brand is represented across the rest of the web.

Upon determining the health of your internal link structure and backlink profile we can help brainstorm new ideas to build your brand in a way that will naturally attract attention to your website and establish you as an authority in your area of expertise.

If you have used shady backlink building in the past (or if your old SEO company built backlinks for you) we can also help you deal with spammy links that may be hurting your Search Engine performance.

5. Web Analytics Set Up

SEO Step 5 involves SEO Website Analytics. We recommend that all online businesses implement a web analytics program into their search engine optimization strategies. The benefits of website analytics are far-reaching and allow you to:

  • Monitor visitor traffic over time
  • Understand what is motivating your visitors
  • Monitor visitor activity on your website
  • Monitor and measure conversions
  • Adjust your web pages to increase visitor activity and conversions

6. Ongoing Search Engine Optimization Benefits


It’s imperative to ensure that the SEO work that has been implemented is monitored, maintained and improved upon to get the most ROI (return on investment) out of your SEO efforts.

As part of the SEO process and strategy, your Search Engine Optimization Consultant will run reports, monitor your web page listings and review the web analytics to ensure that your web pages are indeed indexed and ranked properly.

Any pages that have been dropped are re-submitted to the search engines. We also measure conversions, analyze the conversion data and make whatever adjustments are necessary to help push your web pages up the search engine listings.

Web page modifications may include adjustments to the internal linking structure, Meta data, alt tags and web page content, among others.

If your client base is primarily local, we can also create and optimize an online local business listing through our Google Places Listing service so that potential local customers can easily find you.

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