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About The Oil Depot Project

Client: OilDepot.ca
URL: https://www.oildepot.ca/

Oil Depot is a Canadian AMSOIL dealer with a warehouse in Toronto and Edmonton, as well as 11 additional locations throughout the United States. Their new website offers wholesale buying programs for individuals, retailers, and commercial and industrial customers.

Oil Depot website displayed on desktop and tablet

Technical SEO Audit

As a long-term client who requests our consulting and web development services as needed, Oil Depot asked our team for a complete Site Assessment. The particular areas of interest in our Technical SEO Audit were overall site and theme functionality, site speed, major SEO issues, and redundant or unnecessary plugins.

The findings found several updates that could improve the original website. When looking at what was required to complete the updates, it was determined that a new website built in a brand-new WordPress theme would be a much more cost-effective option with the benefit of having a new website. The new SEO website design would also take care of security and functionality issues resulting from old or unused plugins.

There were over 800 pages of content to migrate and populate on the new website.

As part of the SEO website redesign we also incorporated image optimization and website page speed optimization to make sure it had fast load times which are important for both SEO and User Experience.

The finished result is a brand-new website built using a high performance, SEO-friendly WordPress theme. The client can now effectively manage their website and online marketing with confidence that their website is running at its absolute best.

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Oil Depot website displayed on cell phone, tablet, desktop and tablet
Oil Depot website design layout

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– Marc Roden – Owner, as reviewed on Google

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