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Client: Keezing Kreations – Jewelry Website Design

Keezing Kreations is a custom jewelry designer based out of the famous Jeweler’s Building in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. They specialize in all types of custom jewelry, plus diamonds, platinum and gold creations. As such they needed a jewelry website design that properly showcased their own unique creations and custom jewelry.

When the client originally came to us their website was dated and did not reflect their new store branding. It was also built in a private system that did not allow editing and was not SEO friendly. Key features the client was looking for in the new jewelry website design included a bigger design gallery to accommodate the growing number of images, a mobile responsive web design to account for growth in mobile usage, and a homepage with more real estate to really sell their USP.

More recently the client needed to add e-commerce shopping cart functionality to continue doing business through Covid-19 lockdowns and reduced in-person shopping capabilities.

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Jewelry Website Design – Finished Product & Outcome

After listening to the client’s wish list of what she envisioned the updated website to look like, as well as looking at some of her competitors, we chose a clean image and mobile friendly WordPress theme that portrayed her brand. Additional branding and optimization strategies we used included page speed optimization, web copy revisions, and social media integration.

Within the first couple weeks the new jewelry website stats proved that visitors were enjoying the website much more. Visitors stay longer, look at more pages and overall website traffic and visitor interaction is up. The new jewelry website design displays properly on smaller screens and is easy to use and navigate.

This customer is ecstatic with how her new jewelry website design has helped her business grow over the last couple of years. Not only are visitors enjoying the website more but new customers are also calling in!  In just two months of having the new website design, she had 5 serious buyers contact her and was able to close 3 of the sales.

Full HOME page display for Keezing Kreations website

“My website currently brings in the majority of my new customers. I get phone calls from both local customers and out of state customers because they found my website and liked what they saw. The best thing is these customers come in with their mind already made up to purchase from me because of what they’ve seen on my website. I’ve even had a customer fly from Costa Rica to purchase an engagement ring with me. Thank you 1st on the List!”

~Debra Keezing – Owner

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Cell phone displaying Jewellery website
Jewellery website displayed on a laptop

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