Client Results and SEO Success Stories

Achieving consistent results and long-lasting SEO success for our clients.

Client SEO Success Stories

A few SEO success stories of clients who have experienced improved rankings, traffic, and brand visibility through our custom SEO services. They’ve reported dramatic increases in qualified traffic as well as increases in leads and sales.

Better Google Rankings

Achieving top rankings on Google is often top of mind for our clients. For many, it is how they measure their SEO success. Clients just want to be seen on the first page of search results and rank higher than their competitors. Rankings are often difficult to measure, however, because search results constantly change due to search phrase variation, location, and personalization of rankings. While rankings may be the means to the ultimate end goal of increased leads and sales, they are always an exciting starting point for driving traffic to your website.

Top Rankings in Google Maps and Search Results

After working with 1st on the list at a steady pace to build Search visibility, a local autobody repair and paint shop (with 2 locations) now enjoys top listings in their local areas, both in regular organic search results and on Map search results.

This is a great SEO success story, the client is thrilled to rank well for terms like “auto body repair White Rock” and “auto body shop White Rock.”

High Rankings for Employee Benefits Broker

One of our favorite SEO stories is for an employee benefits firm.

Prior to working with 1st on the List, this local executive and employee benefits broker had very few rankings and little to no traffic to the website. After completing an SEO friendly website redesign and implementing a conservative SEO Package, they now dominate Search Results in both their city and province.

Law Firm Dominates Search Results

After 1st on the List optimized this law firm’s website their brand dominated local search results. They topped the rankings for search phrases like family lawyers, will lawyers, personal injury lawyers, pain and suffering lawyers, child support lawyers, divorce lawyers, etc. They are now considered one of the best law firms in town.

SEO success stories like this are what fuels our business.

Improved Visibility & Branding SEO Success Stories

A #1 ranking is always exciting but most SEO success stories involve a growing list of top rankings for a wide range of search phrases as well as branding. Rather than focusing on a limited number of highly competitive search phrases, our search strategies are designed to garner exposure for the seemingly infinite ways your target customers could be searching for you and your competitors.

Insurance Company Ranking for 3,800+ Search Queries

Over the last several years, 1st on the List has helped a province-wide insurance company to dramatically increase its visibility in the Search Engines. Currently, Google is including this client’s website in Search Results for more than 3,800 different search terms!

Exposure for 11,000+ Keywords in Google

A popular tourism company and long term client has enjoyed exceptional visibility and branding for the vacation packages they offer in North and Central America. Today, their website is enjoying exposure for more than 11,000 different search queries in Google, which equates to more than 660,000 impressions per month. SEO success stories like this are what our business is all about.

More Traffic & Leads SEO Success Stories

Now we’re talking! Top rankings and increased brand visibility translate into actual visitor traffic. We’ll bring you the traffic and help your website and brand do what they were meant to do… sell your services and products!

Sales Built from the Ground Up for Coffee Website

SEO success stories with a shot of caffeine! 1st on the List helped build and optimize an SEO friendly website for a gourmet coffee retailer…from the ground up. Over the last 3+ years, the website has welcomed 78,000+ search visitors and now enjoys a steady stream of both new and repeat customers.

Site Audit Helps Grow Search Visits by 4.9 million

Less than two years after conducting a detailed Site Audit for a popular gossip blog (along with some Optimization Training for its writers) the website has experienced tremendous growth in search visits. The last 12 months has shown a 58% increase in search traffic compared to the 12 months prior to working with 1st on the List. This added up to an extra 4.9 million visits!

Huge Traffic Boost for Shower Waterproofing Company

When an Edmonton based shower waterproofing company came to us for SEO services they were receiving around 3,500 search visitors per month. Thanks to a steady-growing SEO campaign, the site has nearly doubled its search traffic in just over a year, attracting between 6,000 and 6,500 search visitors a month.

More Sales & Leads SEO Success Stories

SEO success stories are also about delivering on ROI. Our clients continually affirm that SEO is a small investment with huge dividends such as more qualified traffic, increased brand recognition, and additional leads and sales.

Over 25 New Real Estate Leads a Month

Each month, a real estate agent receives more than 25 names of visitors actively searching for properties in her local real estate market…and she attributes those leads directly to our SEO work. These leads keep her busy working 12+ hour days (which she loves) building her client base and selling homes.

Local B&B Fully Booked Each Year

After working with 1st on the List, a Newfoundland cottage rental business continues to book up early each season. We built them a very SEO friendly website that enjoys top rankings and attracts international clients.

One Qualified Lead Paid for the Entire Website Design

An experienced jewelry designer located in Boston, MA was able to cover the cost of her entire SEO friendly website design and part of her SEO campaign thanks to just one new customer she obtained through her website. We love SEO success stories like this!

What Impacts SEO Results?

There are many factors that can impact your SEO success including:

  • Age of your industry/website
  • Competitiveness of your industry
  • Localization or globalization of your industry
  • Search volume for target keywords (plus competition for those words)
  • Your competitors’ SEO strategies and activities

No matter what your industry or area of expertise, we can develop a search engine optimization strategy that meets your website marketing objectives and adheres to search engine guidelines and SEO best practices.

For additional information on SEO best practices, check out this Search Engine Journal article entitled, Top 7 Ranking Signals: What REALLY Matters in 2019?

SEO Success – Delivered on All Fronts

“In terms of results, we saw a month-to-month improvement in organic search traffic, with several pieces of content ranking on the first page of Google. We were able to extend our brand awareness. Overall, we were targeting awareness in the local area more than sales, and that was successful.”

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About 1st on the List

We live for SEO success stories like those above!

Over the past two decades (since 1997), 1st on the List has consistently remained one of the Top SEO companies in North America. Our boutique SEO company is very good at helping websites attain first page rankings because we are good at helping the search engines find, understand, and rank your website above the competition.

Our custom SEO services can also be integrated into Ecommerce websites and WordPress website design.

More visibility, more qualified traffic, more leads, and more conversions and sales…we put you ahead of the competition and in front of your customers!

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